Don't you just hate it when your makeup rubs off or your skin gets really oily so it looks like your face is melting? Well, ladies, we all do! Especially when makeup just has to stay fresh and perfect throughout a big celebration (like your wedding day). Don't worry because here are some tips that will help you look perfectly fresh and all dolled up throughout the celebration (and give you one less thing to think about during the big day).


Start planning early

Let's face it, getting married is supposed to be the best day of your life but honestly, it can turn to a complete disaster without proper prep! Normally, every bride wants to look flawless on her wedding day and in order to do so - simply start planning early! That means that you should prepare your skin prior to the big day because you want it to look all blooming and gorgeous as it usually is, not having to deal with unexpected skin problems. Book a facial (or two, three), get your hands on waterproof makeup products and start having fun! After all, it's YOUR big day!


Prepare your skin

So the first step to achieving a disaster-proof makeup look is to start with skin prep and get regular facials. Doing so will make a big difference in the way your skin looks like, in its texture and will create a perfect base for the makeup. These treatments will prevent any last-minute skin irritations if you do them for at least three months before the wedding day. If your skin is really sensitive you should skip extractions the month before, just in case.


Mind the colors and shades

It is advised to schedule a trial run if a professional makeup artist is involved so that they can understand what you want, get to know how your skin reacts to different products and which products you will need depending on your skin type.


If you are all about the DIY and no heavy makeup, you should already know by now how your skin behaves with certain products and actually putting on daily makeup is a trial. If you are ready for some bold moves then you should definitely try them out first because you don't want to use colors that don't really suit your skin tone. White shades of the wedding gown will require a little stronger makeup (stronger refers to color shades; you can have a subtle bridal makeup look with stronger shades) and your hair color also has an effect on the whole look, so keep in mind what are the compatible colors that look good on you.


Be yourself and look like yourself

The best way to avoid a makeup disaster is to aim for looking like yourself. Don't experiment with makeup that you don't feel good wearing, and don't try to step out of your comfort zone just to wow people for your big day. Makeup should simply emphasize your natural beauty, not make you feel uncomfortable. If you normally experiment with more avant-garde looks, well, go for it; but if you are all about minimal makeup you should do what you always do! Radiant skin, flushed lips, rosy cheeks, classic cat eye or a simple eyelash extension to add some definition on the eyes is all it takes for a perfect, subtle bridal makeup look.


A little touch-up here and there

You should always have a backup plan, no matter how flawless your makeup looks on the big day. Pack a touch-up kit and keep it close. You want your makeup to last all day long but your big day will be all about smiling, kissing, toasting, maybe happy tears that will all affect your makeup and you want your photographs to look just perfect.


It would be smart to take a break from all the dancing and having fun every once in a while to 'powder your nose'. Grab your touch-up kit with all the essentials such as blush, cotton swabs, tissues, a translucent powder if you're all about dancing, and a lipstick or lip gloss. A few products to easily touch up your look and go back to having the time of your life!


Follow these simple tips to make sure you have a perfect skin as a base to your perfect makeup wedding day look. If you keep it simple and use makeup to emphasize your natural beauty you will have less to worry about and focus on celebrating your love with your soulmate. Here's to a new page of your life story and amazing disaster-proof makeup tips that helped you look awesome!

Published by Victoria Lim