When it comes to successful wedding planning, good organization is the key to success. But for some brides the sheer scale of planning a wedding is a massive undertaking, especially if being organized is not a skill you're particularly good at! But by following these few simple steps you can make your wedding planning a breeze, no matter how disorganized you are!

Arm yourself with the following tools to help you with your wedding planning:

- A notebook: choose one which is small enough to fit in your handbag but big enough to contain information like phone numbers, addresses, websites, contact details, samples e.g fabric, stationery. Your notebook will be your wedding planning bible recording every bit on information which could be useful at some point during your planning. Having it with 24/7 means you can jot down any ideas or inspirations as they happen.

- Checklists: these are probably the most important tool the disorganized bride could have. You will find checklists for free on the internet through many wedding related websites. Find a set which best fit with your wedding dreams or edit a set to fit. Wedding planning checklists will list every element and detail of a wedding in a time ordered list. Typically they will begin at 18 months before the wedding day and will include everything you will need to consider for your wedding up to the wedding day itself and some even go beyond. Follow your checklists every day and make sure you tick each item off as you complete it.

- Delegate: whether you are busy or just disorganized, delegating elements of your wedding planning to others will ensure things get done! Ask your maid of honor, your groom, your parents and anyone else who offers to take on an element or two of your wedding. Delegating your planning to others will take the pressure off you and give you more time to devote to other elements of your day.

- Hire a Professional: if you are so disorganized that none of the above are going to help you, then it is time to hire in a pro and bring in a professional wedding planner to organize your day for you. You can hire a wedding planner to organize your entire wedding or just a part of it such as the reception. Hiring a wedding planner to organize some of your wedding but not all can be a good option if you want to organize your wedding yourself but find it too difficult to stay on top of everything that needs to be done.


Published by Reed Cooper