The first thing a couple will decide on when starting the wedding planning is the budget. Now I've heard a lot of stories of couples whose actual expenses skyrocket and go way way over what they originally budgeted for. Here are some tips to help couples stay within their originally-planned wedding budget.

1. When canvassing possible suppliers, stick to suppliers with prices within your allotted budget range. Today there are a lot of famous suppliers with big names but if you look hard enough, you will find quality suppliers at lower and more affordable rates.

2. If you over spend on one supplier, cut down on another to accommodate the additional expense. This gives you more leeway, especially if you really like the supplier already, and at the same time allows you to maintain control.

3. Always log your expenses. We kept an excel file and diligently updated it so that at any given time we knew where we were versus the budget and before making any decisions expense-wise, we always checked out status first.

4. DIY when you can! It makes small details more personal and more meaningful, PLUS it's a lot of fun for the both of you!

5. Stick to your schedule. Keeping on track will help you save on unnecessary last-minute expenses. Your planner or coordinator will give you a timeline and checklist that will serve as your guide. Following this will help you both ensure that you have everything needed when it is needed without cramming when the date is near.

That concludes my 5 simple tips for staying within the budget. I hope this helps any of you out there that are planning a wedding with a strict budget.

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Published by Micki Josue