A good majority of little girls dream about their wedding day. They imagine their Prince Charming riding up on a white horse and whisking them off their feet. I was definitely one of them. I talked about getting married on the beach one day or by a waterfall. Of course, I didn’t know who I would marry but that didn’t really matter at the time. I knew who I’d ask to be my bridesmaids and what kind of dress I would wear. It was a lovely fantasy. Now, that it is actually about to become a reality, I am overwhelmed.

I was so jealous of friends that were getting married each year and dreamed of when I could plan my own. I have been engaged for just a little over a week and I’m already stressed out. This fantasy is turning into sleepless nights thinking about cupcakes, photographers, whether to have a dj or not. I wish my 13 year old self could plan this wedding and I could take a nap. Of course, I’m excited that it is finally my turn, but where do you begin?

Thankfully we booked a venue before we even got engaged, so that large task is already done. Check. I also got over excited before the ring came and picked out colors: lavender and sage. Check. Next comes ‘Save the Dates’ and engagement photos. We need to decide on a photographer. Do we want cake, cupcakes, or pie? At least trying them will be fun. What will my dress look like? I need to go shopping for one, but I don’t feel confident in my body right now. We need to decide on a DJ, Band, or iPad. Ethan is leaning more towards an iPad to play whatever music we want. So now we must select all of our songs. It is a lot.  A year seems like plenty of time, but is it?

Got any tips? Money is already stressing me out. It all adds up quick. My parents are helping, but their money will only go so far. After that are we on our own? So many questions. It’s different when it is a reality and not just the fantasy you built while playing M.A.S.H. with your friends on the school yard. It is a lot of work, but I want it to be fun. Most girls are more excited for the wedding than the marriage, but I think that I’m more excited for the part that begins after the wedding. I can’t wait to jetset with Ethan around Central and South America. I can’t wait to buy our first house, have our first kid, and grow old together.

I hope that I don’t go crazy planning this wedding and can enjoy it. Not that it is real, I hope I can savor every moment and not wish it all away. I hope I don’t drive Ethan nuts with selections and we can still focus on just being in love. Any advice for a newly engaged girl? How do I keep my cool and have a great wedding at the same time? What is worth splurging on and what isn’t? I’d love any thoughts and encouragements!!

Published by Melissa Gittelman