Weeds drive me crazy.  The flowers in our garden have roots that go down a few inches.  If you need to pull them up, give a yank and they come up roots and all.  Weeds however, do not behave in the same manner.  If you give a yank you probably just pull off the top part and it is still growing the next day.  If you get a small shovel you will cut the roots and they will grow back in a few weeks.  To remove the weed so that it will not return you need to dig a hole three feet across a three feet deep.  Even that will not guarantee the entire root is extracted and the weed will not grow back.    

    Unfortunately, sin is more like a weed than a flower.  The root of sin in our lives is deep and it takes great effort to remove the sin as well as the root.  That does mean they cannot be removed.  Real weeds can be destroyed with weed killer.  Sin and its roots can be destroyed by the Word of God.  The more you heap the Word of God onto sin, the more difficulty it will have living in your life.

Published by Ray Richards