I couldn’t have felt more mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready to eat with food and emotional sobriety. Unfortunately, my body didn’t feel the same way!


I normally have a slow metabolism and lower digestive fire, so it’s only natural that my system would take quite a while to wake up.


After my last fast, I juiced for about 10 days, but for some reason, I felt guided to break my fast with three small meals of water-rich, juicy fruit. I ate only cucumber and watermelon. Surely my system would wake up and get the picture…


On the day I broke my fast, I weighed 107.2 pounds (down .6lbs from the day before and down 21.4lbs overall). I consumed the following:

  • Breakfast: 1 spiralized cucumber with chlorella powder
  • Lunch: 1 spiralized cucumber with spirulina and juice of ½ lemon
  • ~14 oz. homemade kombucha
  • Dinner: ¼ watermelon

I felt really good energy-wise, and enjoyed myself. I had slight weirdness in my stomach, but didn’t feel overly full or uncomfortable. Read more about Breaking the Fast here.




On day 2, I weighed 107.8 pounds (up .6lbs from the day before). I consumed the following:

  • Breakfast: ¼ watermelon
  • Lunch: 1/8 watermelon & 1 spiralized cucumber with 1 Tbsp Daily Green Boost
  • ~14 oz. homemade kombucha
  • Dinner: 1 ¼  spiralized cucumbers with 2 Tbsp Daily Green Boost


Even though I had had a lot of trouble getting to sleep the night before, I felt AMAZING energy-wise. My spiritual practice went swimmingly. I felt very confident in my body. I felt very good about what I ate and as if I was not gorging myself. I suppose I was experiencing true food sobriety!


I practiced hot power vinyasa yoga at lunch. Overall, I felt so happy and made so many heart connections! I have been experiencing tremendous healing in recovery as well and find myself really engaging in my programs fully.


My tummy felt fine throughout the day, but then the night came, and so did discomfort. The refeeding process felt in right alignment emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, but physically my body was still adapting to digestion and really struggling. I did an enema and saw some cucumber noodles and watermelon bits come out, even though I have been doing my best to chew very thoroughly.




On Day 3 of the refeed, I weighed in at 111.2 pounds (up 3.4 pounds from the day before). Impossible! But in retrospect, it wasn’t…I likely had stored in me all the food I had eaten. Plus, I think I was retaining water from the enema, and hadn’t fully released it! What a disaster. My intuition was crystal clear: JUICE.

  • Breakfast: 1 quart watermelon-cucumber-lemon juice
  • Lunch: 1 quart watermelon-cucumber-lemon juice with 1 Tbsp Daily Green Boost and 1 tsp chlorella
  • 8 oz. kombucha
  • Dinner: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery juice


All throughout the morning and early afternoon (essentially the work day), I felt incredibly tired and off. I had a headache, brain fog, and nausea. My body felt heavy. Again, the previous night I had had trouble falling asleep most likely due to my body struggling to digest the food.


I received the memo loud and clear: SLOW DOWN! I drank lots of water and consumed 1 Tbsp HealthForce Intestinal Drawing Formula in water to help my body clear my intestines. The water and juice seemed to help.


Fortunately, after work, my energy lifted. I bought fresh organic produce at the local health food store, and made myself an exquisite juice. I will be posting that recipe soon! I am also receiving requests to make and sell juice locally, so I will be playing around with TaylorMade beverages in the near future!


Before bed, I did an enema, and released a number of black pellets not quite golf-ball sized. Clearly, the juice, water, and formula helped clear my GI tract. Thank goodness! I would like to stop using all products and enemas very soon so my digestion can run itself.




On day 4, I woke up feeling much, much better! My weight came down to 110.6 pounds (down .6lbs from yesterday). There’s still more junk to come out, but I am hopeful that the juice and water will do the trick. 

  • Breakfast: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery juice
  • Lunch: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery juice with 1 Tbsp Daily Green Boost and 1 tsp chlorella
  • 8 oz. kombucha
  • Dinner: 1 quart + 1 cup watermelon-romaine-celery juice with 2 Tbsp Daily Green Boost and 1 tsp chlorella


I have all kinds of energy today, and feel like the energizer bunny! I had plenty of energy at work, went to a hot power vinyasa class, and walked 3.5 miles with a friend in the evening. It was an absolutely wonderful day. No natural bowel movement however.




On day 5, I felt similarly amazing, happy, light, and full of inspiration and hope. My weight stayed at 110.6 pounds, and I decided to drink 1 Tbsp Intestinal Drawing Formula in 12 oz. water and do an enema later. I am feeling called to induce another release.

  • Breakfast: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery juice with 2 Tbsp Daily Green Boost
  • 1 Tbsp Intestinal Drawing Formula
  • Lunch: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery juice with 1 Tbsp Vitamineral Green and 1 Tbsp Greener Grasses
  • 8 oz. kombucha
  • Dinner: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery juice


I am enjoying the heck out of the juice! So flavorful, light, and delicious! I have plenty of energy, and all the healing I started is continuing on every possible level. The kombucha is not really doing it for me lately, and caused a weird bubbling in my tummy that I didn’t particularly enjoy. I love educating others about all the juices I’m bringing everywhere, as it’s not a common thing for people to do in Monroe, LA! In the late evening, I did an enema, and released a ton. I’m feeling lighter and cleaner.




On day 6, I woke up before my alarm with lots of energy. Still at the same weight, so I suppose it’s my new set point. I had plenty of energy for work and 60 minutes of heated power vinyasa.

  • Breakfast: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery juice + 2 tbsp DGB
  • 1 Tbsp intestinal drawing formula
  • Lunch: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery juice + 1 tbsp vitamineral green, 1tbsp greener grasses
  • 8 oz. booch
  • Dinner: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery juice


In the afternoon, I felt nauseated, and my energy decreased. I had a little kombucha, and I think that combined with the Intestinal Drawing Formula made me feel sick. Too much stimulation in my gut. Hopefully, the enema tonight will do the trick, and I can be done with them. I felt tired probably due to the long week at work and the difficult yoga class today. Later on, I did my last enema, and had another release.


I decided I will juice for one more day, and then begin to refeed guided loosely by Loren Lockman’s suggestions. I have accepted that I will likely not have natural bowel movements for a few days, and during that time, I must be gentle and PATIENT with myself.


This is huge for me, as I have a long history of abuse (since around age 13) for many members of the laxative/cleansing family. I am determined to TRUST my digestive system and allow it to HEAL. I will step back and stop interfering. 




On day 7, I worked out for three hours doing all manner of cardio, yoga, pilates, and barre. I also took Tempe for a 3-mile walk in the sunshine. It was wonderful to move my body!

  • Breakfast: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery-kale-mint juice
  • Lunch: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery-kale-mint juice + 2 tbsp DGB, 1 tsp chlorella; broth made from juice pulp and wakame (spit out most of the solid parts)
  • 8 oz. booch
  • Dinner: 1 quart watermelon-romaine-celery-kale-mint juice
  • hot tulsi, chamomile, lavender tea


I ended up going to bed early, as I knew I had pushed myself to my limit. I resolved to buy a food scale and begin to refeed with small watermelon monomeals tomorrow.


All in all, switching to juicing was a good decision for my body. It may not be best for everyone. Perhaps had I started out with small watermelon monomeals, my refeeding would have gone fine, but I did my best with what I had.


I maintained open-mindedness, and listened to my body. I am hopeful that this next week will prove to be illuminating and educational! Refeeding is the most important part of the fast, and I feel very much in alignment with my inner guidance system and in terms of food sobriety as well. For this, I am extremely grateful!


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