Let's take a look and see who had good fantasy weeks as the playoffs are getting ready to start. Hopefully Week 13 went your way.


With his performance on Monday Night Football Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts takes the top spot this week with 32.41 fantasy points. Luck threw for 278 yards and 4 touchdowns while running the football 3 times for 26 yards. Luck's only negative was that he was sacked 1 time.

Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens took the 2nd spot this week with 29.62 fantasy points. Flacco threw for 381 yards and 4 touchdowns. Flacco's only negative was the 1 interception he threw.

Carson Palmer finds a spot on the list this week with 23.15 fantasy points. Palmer threw for 300 yards on the nose with 3 touchdowns. Palmer also ran the football 1 time, but it was for -1 yards; Palmer was also sacked 2 times.

Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions finished 4th this week with 20.77 fantasy points. Stafford threw for 341 yards and 2 touchdowns while running the football 3 times for 22 yards. Stafford's only negatives where the 2 sacks he took.

Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders get the last spot on our list by scoring 20.10 fantasy points. Carr threw for 260 yards and 2 touchdowns while also running the football 2 times for 4 yards.

Last week Colin Kaepernick of the san Francisco 49ers was the fantasy surprise of the week. Here's hoping you didn't jump on the bandwagon as Kaepernick put up just 1.08 fantasy points in Week 13. Kaepernick threw for 4 yards; yes you read that right 4 yards. Kaepernick did run the football 6 times for 20 yards, but was sacked 5 times. OUCH!

Running Back:

David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals is back at the top of the list with 40.75 fantasy points. Johnson ran the football 18 times for 84 yards and a touchdown. Johnson also caught 9 passes for 91 yards and a receiving touchdown.

Jordan Howard of the Chicago Bears finished 2nd this week with 37.70 fantasy points. Howard ran the football 32 times for 117 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Latavius Murray of the Oakland Raiders makes our list by scoring 29.75 fantasy points. Murray ran the football 20times for 82 yards and 2 touchdowns. Murray also caught 3 passes for 23 yards.

Devonta Freeman of the Atlanta Falcons was 4th this week with 29.25 fantasy points. Freeman had 15 carries for 56 yards and 2 touchdowns while catching 4 passes for 49 yards.

LeShon McCoy rounds out the Top 5 for the week with 28.60 fantasy points. McCoy carried the football 17 times for 130 yards while also catching 7 passes for 61 yards.

It was a rough week for James Starks of the Green bay Packers. After Eddie Lacy was placed on injured reserve Starks was suppose to take over as the #1 running back for Green Bay, but it hasn't worked out. Starks carried the football 4 times for 1 yard in Week 13, Starks 1.10 fantasy points won't be much help for a team looking for a playoff spot.

Wide Receiver:

Golden Tate of the Detroit Lions topped our list this week with 26.75 fantasy points. Tate caught 8 passes for 145 yards and had a touchdown.

Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks took the 2nd spot for the week with 24.96 fantasy points. Lockett had 5 catches for 63 yards. He also had 1 rushing attempt that went for 75 yards and a touchdown and Lockett also added 58 return yards.

Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers took the 3rd spot for Week 13 with 24.05 fantasy points. Nelson caught 8 passes for 118 yards and had a touchdown.

T.Y. Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts had good enough numbers last night to grab the 4th spot on our list with 21.60 fantasy points. Hilton caught 9 passes for 146 yards.

Albert Wilson of the Kansas City Chiefs takes the final spot on our list for the week with 20.80 fantasy points. Wilson had 4 catches for 48 yards and added 1 rushing attempt that went for 55 yards and a touchdown.

It was a tough week for Russell Shepard of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Shepard is a favorite sleeper type wide receiver, but in Week 13 he had just 1 catch for 15 yards. With just 2.25 fantasy points Shepard didn't work out this week.

Tight End:

Dwayne Allen of the Indianapolis Colts was the tight end to have in Week 13. Allen caught just 4 passes for 72 yards, but 3 of those 4 catches went for touchdowns. Allen ended the week with 28.20 fantasy points.

Dennis Pitta of the Baltimore Ravens also had a good week for fantasy owners with 25.75 fantasy points. Pitta had 9 catches for 90 yards and 2 touchdowns. Pitta did have a negative as he had 1 fumble.

Ladarius Green of the Pittsburgh Steelers had a week a lot of people where waiting for as he scored 21.75 fantasy points. Green had 6 receptions for 110 yards and a touchdown.

Zach Ertz of the Philadelphia Eagles found his way into the list with 20.81 fantasy points. Ertz caught 9 passes for 79 yards and a touchdown while adding 8 return yards.

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs rounds out a high scoring tight end list with 20.25 fantasy points. Kelce had 8 receptions for 140 yards in Week 13.

While it was a high scoring week for tight ends Martellus Bennett of the New England Patriots wasn't in on it. Now to be fair Bennett has been dinged up, but still managed just 2 receptions for 4 yards. Bennett's 1.90 fantasy points wouldn't of been a lot of help to his team in Week 13.

Defense/Special Teams:

It was he Chicago Bears that topped the Defense/Special teams list for the week with 19.94 fantasy points. The Bears had 6 sacks and a safety and gave up just 6 points.

The Denver Broncos just missed out on the top spot with 19.85 fantasy points. The Broncos Defense/Special teams unit had 2 interceptions, a sack, a fumble recovery and a defensive touchdown while giving up just 10 points.

The Baltimore Ravens Defense/Special teams unit had 18.30 fantasy points for the week. The Ravens had 3 interceptions and 2 sacks in Week 13.

The New England Patriots Defense/Special Teams unit had 15.64 fantasy points for the week. The Patriots had 4 sacks and 2 interceptions in Week 13,

The Kansas City Chiefs Defense/Special Teams unit takes the final spot on our list with 15.41 fantasy points. Kansas City had 2 sacks an interceptions and a defensive touchdowns and added 129 return yards.

It was a tough week for the Buffalo Bills Defense/Special Teams unit. Buffalo ended up with -1.68 fantasy points in Week 13.


With 19 fantasy points Matt Prater of the Detroit Lions takes the top spot.

Stephen Gostowski of the New England Patriots had 17 fantasy points.

Steven Hauschka of the Seattle Seahawks had 16 fantasy points.

Sebastien Janikowski of the Oakland Raiders and Dustin Hopkins tied with 15 fantasy points.

It was Cairo Santos of the Kansas City Chiefs at the bottom of the Kicker list with just 1 fantasy point for the week.

There you go. I hope that you had the right player in this week and you're getting ready for the playoffs. Thanks for taking the time to read this article and good luck in Week 14.


Published by John Burke