Happy Saturday, I thought I would start a new series akin to the week in pics, something easy something that helps you get to know me and something that will hopefully get you thinking about your own week in review.  As always if you're interested in following me on any of my social media platforms they are listed below:

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Man this week was rough, I took a Marketing class through coschedule.com It was truly an amazing experience, I highly suggest it (and no I’m not sponsored); if you don’t know what CoSchedule is - they are a multi-level editorial and marketing calendar that allows you to not only add you blogging information from start to finish, but once you’ve got that in you can create your social media campaign to go with it, it’s easy to upload your pictures and documents put in your information and send things out on appropriate days and times without you even giving it a second thought.  Beyond that, we’re prepping to go up to Reno this weekend, more on that next post.

With that here are a few categories I thought you might be interested in:

What are you reading - I am currently between books, I have so many in my office that I need to read.  I seem to collect books like I do Disney paraphernalia, then I don’t read them.  My initial goal this year was to read everything I had before I bought anything else, but now I feel deprived and don’t want to read any of them. So while we’re out and about this weekend I’ll probably end up picking a few more up.

What are you listening to -  It’s back and forth between the Moana soundtrack and the new Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, I’m a Cancer and Tomatoa (sp) was a very cool character for me in the movie - add in a psychedelic scene and song and I’m good to go!  Shiny runs through my head daily right now. 

What are you watching -  We’ve been so busy I haven’t been watching anything, before that, I was really into STAR and Bull.

What are you working on - The Marketing class was so intense I still need some time to process all of the information, that’s what I’ll be doing over the weekend and really putting into practice what they taught.

Weekly goals - 
- Have a great time away 
- get a gardening plan together - as in finish off what we started last fall and get to planting
- My annual goals are due at work, so I’ll be spending a little bit of time honing those for 2017
- Getting ready for the youngest to go to prom next weekend

Food for the week/fitness goals - This weekend is going to be tough, I fully plan on enjoying myself and at the same time trying to stick to as much of a Ketogenic diet as I can. I’m following a Diet Beta Test and really a Metabolic Prime with Chalene Johnson, I’m a little bit behind everyone but I’m just entering into week 2.  I’m having a really hard time with it - after initially struggling with it, and losing weight (mostly water) I thought really got into the swing of things, only to put the weight back on.  I need to not look at the scale I think, I decided I needed to add a few carbs (in the way of fruit) back into my diet each day, but I’m really sticking to the 3 meals a day, with little to no snacking, intermittent fasting right now my breakfast is at 11 and dinner is at 7, but trying to get enough healthy fat into my diet is so counterintuitive I’m struggling.  More to come.

Beauty updates - I love heading up to Reno, one of my favorite Sephora’s is up there and I use these trips as my bookends to picking up products I’m running low on, add in the 21 days of beauty event at Ultra and I am like a kid in the candy store.  So what do I need? Mascara, evening moisturizer, evening serum, new beauty blender and maybe a few one-offs from my favorite brands.

Style update -  Is anyone else loving all of the boho styles for spring?  I have a few more pieces I need to pick up to round out my Spring/summer wardrobe but I have been loving all of the Maxi dresses with flowers and embroidery, the flowy tops and skirts and of course all of the beautiful colors.

What did you really screw up this week - I’m pleased to say I don’t feel like I did.

What did you do that was awesome - hands down the Marketing class.

How's the family - Family is good, I don’t think I’ve mentioned the youngest moved out on us a few months back (she’s fine, she decided my mom was lonely and decided to move in with her for a bit) It’s given Steve and I an early empty nest. Yes we’re fine, it’s funny I think most families go through this were the kids gradually do more and more outside the house and then one day they’re actually gone all the time and you don’t really notice a huge difference.  That’s how we feel at least.  She still goes out with us to dinner all the time and last weekend we spent the day in the city (just the two of us) shopping and looking at prom dresses.  It was quite lovely.

How are the dogs - Dogs are great, although a little antsy this morning, they always get that way before we head out of town.  I think they know as soon as we pull out the luggage, mom and dad are leaving and they need to make us feel really guilty about it.

Until next week - XoXo - Sarah

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