" The hardest transition is from Sunday to Monday".

You know you had a good weekend when you wake up Monday morning and you feel like your heart got broken. Why? Because you want to live in the moment that just happened but reality hits and you got to go to work and face the world again. The good news? Well, you can always look forward, because if it happened once, there will be a bigger possibility that it will happen again. Maybe this time, it will be even better. Great moments always turn into something you miss to something you simply appreciate. 

My weekend in Nobu was just what I needed after a brutal week. Weekends with family is always the best. To be with the best company and be in a beautiful place with awe-inspiring view is absolute contentment.

After a sumptuous lunch at Golden Bay, we went straight to Nobu. You can view the hotel from afar due to its golden glass windows. It looked like it was made out of gold bars.  I have yet to witness someone whose jaw did not drop at the sight of it. Nobu sits in the middle of Crown and Hyatt. If they were real people, they will own the saying, “birds of the same feather, flock together”.  Although the architecture is the same from the outside the interior reflected what the hotel is all about.  A fusion of Japanese and Western style. Kate Winslet described it as " Heaven on Earth". 

Just a bit of history.   Nobu, known as one of the best restaurants (25 restaurants in 5 continents to be exact) in the world has moved on further to the hospitality business by building different hotels around the globe, through the collaboration of Chef Nobu, actor Robert De Niro and partner designer.  In Manila, Nobu is in the City of Dreams, an integrated resort and casino complex, located in Roxas Blvd. The City of Dreams was built and constructed by Melco Crown Philippines. The place is warm, although you will right away see the casino when you walk in and some people would see it as more of  a business and single man’s hotel, it can be for the family as well. I just wish they could add a kid friendly pool. Other than that, the hotel was wonderful. I expected good food, it being Nobu and all, and that was what I have received. 

For those really busy people and just want to relax within the metro, I definitely recommend this one. 

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Published by Carla Perez