Some of you may have already been on this diet or know someone who has and have heard good things about it.  I have yet to try it myself (no need for me to at this point) but where I work I have had clients who have tried it and it did work wonders for them. This is one of the many diets that are constantly commercialized and forced down our throats to try; and even though, I still don't know much about it other than you have to eat what they give you.  Now based on what I do know is nothing.. but based on what I have researched, this is weight watchers at a glance : Yes I just pasted the website for all of you to search and take a look at what it is about.  I normally would go into great detail about topics, but for this particular topic since I know nothing of it other than what the commercial tells me, I trust that you will do your own research when it comes to finding a proper definition of what is "Weight Watchers". However, this does not mean I won't provide the pros and cons and of course add my two cents at the end of things that we should all keep in mind when you start this dieting program.




  • No foods are forbidden (no list of foods to avoid) but they use a point system
  • Nutritional tips, cooking advice, and lifestyle education are all offered
  • some locations offer a way to bring your children with you
  • slow and steady weight loss is achieved
  • encourages portion control
  • exercise is promoted
  • cooking at home is encouraged


  • The cost is expensive 
  • group meetings don't work for everyone
  • weekly weigh ins are necessary
  • weekly progress may discourage you
  • smart points counting can be tedious
  • too much freedom to eat

From what all I have gathered from these pros and cons, I don't think this diet would work out well with me, mostly due to the whole weekly weigh in idea and the fact that I would have to attend group meetings ( I am a busy person and my schedule may or may not work well with meetings) and while this could be optional, I would think attending is the best way to get the best results for the money.  While I do like the whole "no foods are forbidden" because I am all for less restriction of foods, this program gives people who don't know anything about modifying their eating habits too much freedom with eating when they may not be aware of how to use this freedom.  Yes, they encourage portion control, but it makes no sense to encourage something when someone doesn't know how to... see where I am coming from. You can promote exercise, but if the person doesn't know where to start with exercise then they won't start at all or will become frustrated.  My other problem with it is the weekly weigh ins can be a very good or bad situation, for some it may be the days they dread because they have gained weight and no one wants to get on a scale and not feel proud of themselves when they see the numbers, lets be honest.  My thing is Weight Watchers is this big phenomenon that went mainstream and kept many people interested; but why did it keep people interested? because Weight Watcher's gives people all the things they need to stay healthy and yet it fails in other ways because again this is one of those programs when people lose weight they stop the program and end up going back to their old ways if someone doesn't hold them accountable and next thing you know they are back on Weight Watchers again.  The goal of Weight Watchers (which they won't mention nor admit) is to keep you coming back, because in general they don't care if you lose the weight they only care about how much weight you have to lose and how long it will take because they is more money.  


No offense to those that work for Weight Watchers, I am not saying they don't care about actual people but honestly this program/diet is priced the way it is for a reason (so they can earn a huge profit) and this means people who need to lose more weight, pay more than the ones who don't have to lose much weight at all. In reality this may seem okay, but after a while it adds up and if you don't see results like you want to, you will be upset because you spent so much money on this program.  On the other end of this spectrum, it is always offering deals to those who are thinking about starting this program and like I said I have heard it has helped many people lose weight. I think i'll end this with these recommendations: 

  • if you don't know how to manage portion control, find out
  • be accountable for your eating habits
  • Make time to attend the meetings because believe it or not it could be a beneficial situation
  • If you are tight on money, then this probably isn't the best diet for you as it is costly
  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise for the best results

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