Its been a long time since I’ve put hand to keyboard on this thing  (Sorry, been waaaaaay too distracted in work and assignment deadlines), hope you all had a merry Christmas and are getting back into training.

Think the reason why i’m blogging at 12:30 in the AM is that i’m cranked waaaay too high on caffeine and passion, fun.

OK, lets get down to it

Recently I’ve had an assignment which involves making a periodic training plan for an athlete, which has been both glorious and time consuming, justifying training plan after training plan has its advantages. And one training point i would like to share with you is this:

‘For maximal strength training benefits, afternoon/early evening training has been shown to provide significant enhancement in muscular strength and power’

Several studies focusing on maximal contractions and power output , from swimmers to shooters have shown an optimal increase in training in the PM as opposed to the AM. This is primarily down to the bodies circadian rhythm, which controls the body’s temperature, and affects cortisol and hormone production in the body. A plethora of studies (References a plenty if someone wants to call me out! haha) show significant increase in 1 RM and MVC (Maximum velocity contraction) when working out at 6 pm as opposed to 7 am. Average improvement in these studies you ask?? :


Which for elite level athletes, you must agree that it is a massive percentage between winning and losing.

I’ll be taking this on board also and shifting my workouts to the dreaded January peak time in the hunt for my 150 KG bench. No doubt i’ll enjoy a large cortisol release due to the part timers that queue up for the bench but it will be fun to try improve.

Get Jacked, Get huge, Work out later, enjoy breakfast.


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