Such a weird feeling to be excited for a new year, its a different feeling to new years 2015/2016. 

At the start of 2016, I was grateful for 2015 to be over. After being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2015 as well as many other problems including removing my two best friends from my life, moving away from my partner to do long distance and live back with my family in Hawkes Bay, and leaving my full time job to study again, it was a blessing for 2015 to be finished with and a new beginning to arise. 

What a new beginning 2016 was and by the end, I have a very different outlook on life and wellbeing. I started nutrition as I wanted to help every girl that has ever had weight loss issues and teach them that the journey is about finding happiness and balance in your life, whether that is super toned and muscly or no abs and enjoying too many berries. It was about what made each individual happy. 

As my own health journey has gone along the year as well as watching other people's journeys my reasoning for studying nutrition now has changed. I still believe that each of us is on our own health journey but I want to help us all realise that we all have struggles and many problems in our lives but there are so many people surrounding us wanting to help. 

I have learnt that there are so many health problems around that can be treated through nutrition and wellbeing practices including yoga and mindfulness. I am looking forward now to helping all of those with multiple health problems from type 1 and type 2 diabetes to mental health issues. 

Ending 2016 was great. I feel as though I have found myself and my own journey. The end of 2016 also brought the gorgeous Becs back into my life. We were good friends all throughout high school with very similar interests with physical exercise. After moving away for university and generally moving on with life, the universe has brought us back together after her starting her own health journey and suffering from depression. She has been such a great support with the blog throughout the year and it is amazing that she can now jump onboard and help others going through similar journeys or just wanting to learn more about her passion for yoga and mindfulness. 

We have both spent the holiday period away from all social media at the beach rejuvenating and are ready to take on 2017. We are motivated and have so many awesome things to do for the blog in 2017, I'm getting excited and pumped just writing this post. 

Is there anything or any topics you would like us to talk about more in 2017? Comment and let us know so we can help our followers. 

Love always, 



P.S. I'm sorry for the end of year confusion with blog posts from both Becs and I. Hopefully after this post they may make some more sense. 

Published by Samantha Northcott