I don’t pray, but if I did I’d be claiming my prayers had been answered right now! Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer; the sun, the colours, the smells, the tan. But my gosh, people were right when they said ‘Oh dear, you’re going to struggle in the summer!’. 

I thought it would be like any other summer, just with more food. Little did I know it would be not knowing what food you want, because you’re too hot and agitated to make a decision. It would be not being able to fit into your old summer clothes like you thought you’d be able to, meaning every day consists of a 5 minute hormonal break down because nothing fits. It would be constant sweating and swollen fingers (no swollen feet or ankles… yet!) – nothing makes you feel grotty like constant sweaty palms. 

It’s safe to say the only craving I’ve had so far is for a little bit of rain! Finally, my craving has been satisfied. 

Welcome, Summer Rain! 

Published by Elise Kate