Hello my beautiful sun flowers!

Today is an exciting day. As I'm typing with excitement, I'm thrilled for this to be my FIRST blog EVER! With only so much more to come. I hope you're ready. There's so much to say and only so fast I can type, there's so much I'm wanting to share. 

My name is Jasmine but you can call me Jas. I'm a blonde blue eyed passionate vegan with a heart of gold. I love to love and I love to help others. My passion in life is helping the animals, the planet, and connecting with others through the power of the internet in order to help others help themselves and realize how truly unique each one of us is. Each individual has so much potential. We are all divine light beings, but sometimes lose our way and often forget that.

I truly believe I choose to inhabit this planet earth for this lifetime in order to help people remember. Help them remember their true potential. Their true power.

A few months ago I started a YouTube Channel 'Jas Davies' in order to further spread my message, to educate the public on food for thought, self love and so much more. My channel is based off of educating the public about where their food comes from and the effects it has on both the environment and the body. I'm also an avid gratitude and self love junkie. I promote this as the root of it all because I believe it truly is the ultimate key to happiness and positive self growth.

Learning how to utilize gratitude in my every day life has blossomed beautifully into the vibrant,  energetic and positive young girl I am today, and I am beyond eager to help everyone experience the happiness I have gained from living the lifestyle I do. My drivers licence may say I'm only 20 years old...but I know I'm much wiser beyond my years. As are YOU!

Together we can grow. Together we can learn. Together we can motivate one another and help spread the amazing message of veganism so we can save this planet one animal at a time. One tree at a time. We have the power to end this suffering. End this cruelty. & live in a world of peace and serenity. Why choose the opposite, contributing to mass slaughter, discrimination, destruction of ones health and the destruction we set upon mother earth? We can avoid that while still eating tasty food!

It wasn't until recently, within the last year or so, that I've come to realize TRUE paradise IS a state of mind.

I wil be making a separate blog on this because it is something that has drastically changed things for me. Stay tuned to hear more on how you can achieve a paradise state of mind without going anywhere, or spending a single cent.

I'm very excited to be a part of the team of My Trending Stories, and cannot wait to share my thoughts, passions and ideas with you all.

Stay tuned. Stay groovy. I'll catch you guys in the next blog.




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