In grammar we learn about synonyms and antonyms and then there are those dastardly adjectives that roam about saying “use me, use me.” Welcome to Wordville! Thus why we struggle so much to grasp the meaning behind the words that the prophets used and Peter and other NT writers used. Like them, as we write or jot notes we seek to portray our meaning and sometimes we have to sit back and ponder and ask, is that what I truly want to say? Even Peter faced this dilemma as he closed his second letter: Some things Paul wrote are hard to understand. I can relate, can you? Thus my dilemma on what does it mean to love with a pure heart used by both Paul and Peter in different forms. You, the readers have helped with your ideas, thoughts, and verses and for that I am thankful. Thus some notes on the “loving from a pure heart.”

As we read the book of 1Peter we learn that he has taken it for granted, he has assumed, that those he is writing to have indeed been chosen, sanctified and washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore, as he says, “you have therefore you are to do.”[author’s idea] Sounds a lot like James; show your faith by your works. Peter is saying this in the past tense: you HAVE been born again, you HAVE been ransomed, you HAVE been radically altered from impurity to purity all for one reason; to show sincere mutual love or as Jesus said it “love thy neighbor.”

There are no if’s, and’s or but’s on this issue. We are to love unconditionally like Christ. 

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Published by Gaye Austin