I love Autumn. That magical crisp that is in the air. Slowly kissing the heat of summer goodbye.Welcoming the beautiful colors of fall and it's dryer cooler air. The transition has always delighted my soul. But Autumn also brings chaos.  It seems to be my busiest time of the year.

Preceding the equinox this year, of course, was a disastrous set of hurricanes.  Having to evacuate did not help my all too hectic schedule! Now, I truly cannot complain, I suffered inconsequential damage.  I have a home.  We all remained unscathed. The only thing was an imposition of time. It happened to fall directly amidst the final crunches of a book release. I had already managed to somehow get myself into an unreasonable time schedule for a book. Who in their right mind would ever agree to illustrate a full 40 color paged children's book, plus edit, format, create a cover and book trailer and all advertisements thereof, all, in less than 4 weeks? Yup, that is right, you guessed it, this gal. *insert cliche self-thumb pointing here*

When we returned home from evacuation to no electricity, phone or water...well, needless to say, I was a bit worried. Generator time. And well, hey, who says you cannot upload an entire book by cell phone to the printer?

Okay, enough about hurricanes.  I mentioned a book, didn't I? Well, this would be my third title to date with the delightful author Barbara Poor.

 I cannot brag enough about Barbara.  Whether it is her absolutely incredible songwriting skills, her beautiful poetry, or her epic children's stories, if it is by Barbara, changes are likely I love it! It was no surprise I instantly agreed to work with Barbara once again. 

On the heels of our two other collaborations,  The Girl With The Curly Red Hair , and My Trip To The Library , Ooooooh, It's Halloween follows the ginger-headed, freckled cutie on a colorful journey through a parade of the delights and frights of costume choices available on Halloween. 


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