Greetings and Welcome to my Happy Place!  I'm excited to be a part of the My Trending Stories team and I hope you find joy and inspiration in reading my publications.  

So, what is this blog about, you say?

Bottom Line Up Front:

Welcome to a life concept of what I like to call, Clean Living for ultimate health and wellness.  I will cover Testimonies, Tips, Facts, Reviews, Advice, Inspiration, and encourage some deep discussion on the topics of God, beauty, fitness, joy, healthy eating, products, services, and life, as we know it.

The Soap Box Answer:

This concept is about Simplifying Life, and Living Smarter, not Harder, all for the sake of our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial health and wellness.  I love to see other people succeed and I'm on a mission to share my testimony and advice on how to power up your life!  Post by post, that is my mission.  A little humor, a little sarcasm, and some heartfelt moments all wrapped up in my natural persona of assertiveness by keeping it real.  Real Events. Real Thoughts. Real Emotions.  In a nutshell, Real Life, and all the golden nugget hacks to prepare you for an alternative prospective on life and being able to get through it all. 

With the motive to help others set themselves up for success by getting back to some of the key basics in life, I challenge everyone to always be aware of the environments, resources, and people that surround them, and always remember that we each have the opportunity to make our life journey a phenomenal one, and achieve ultimate health, wellness, and a wonderful life.  

The time is now, that we express the importance of a balanced mind, body, and spirit, and reach out so we all can 1) spread the important message of health, wellness, and inspiration to our peers, and 2) encourage the youth to pay it forward by setting an example of light in this nation and world, for others to do the same as they eventually decide the way in which the world shall go. We have the power to be that influence today and lead by example.  


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