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So today's post is going to be about stress, how I deal with it and some ideas that might even help you!

If you live in England you will know it has just been time for highschoolers to do many many exams at the end of their last year and this year it was my turn! Over all I had 23 exam over 4 weeks and I had enough stress built up inside me to last a life time! These exams are to determine if I can get into the college I want, if I can get a 'Good' job later on in life and maybe even what University I go to...so that is a lot of weight on a 16 year old child's shoulders. I know I'm only 16 but I think that might be one of the most stressful times I will experience in life, I had been starting to prepare and stress nearly 3 months before these exams! 

One thing I did that helped me calm down and become relaxed was listening to music -

There was a lot, and I mean a lot of studying to do for these exams. I had piles of work up to my eye balls and tonnes of stress started piling on top of me too so while I was studying and working I would stick some ear phones in and listen to spotify while I was doing it. This helped me, if I didn't have music to listen to and get me focused I would have given up weeks before the exams! Music is like a superhero, it literally saves me all the time! 

Another thing I did was I took regular breaks -

Breaks help whether it is studying you are doing or stressing about something else, put the kettle on, grab the biscuits and watch some YouTube or a TV show! If you are studying I find it so much better to do 30 minuets study, 20 minuets break, that way I could do one subject, have a break and get into the right 'zone' and concentrate on the next subject! 

A final thing I think would help is have a study party -

No its not a house party with alcohol, its pretty much the opposite. Get together with some friends in your classes that you work well with, go to a quite/relaxing place and get some of that boring work done with people around to help and talk to! Work together, this would be good for just getting homework done or if you cleaning your house, get a friend to help! 

Hope these things will help you if you are stressed, they helped me! 

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