So... I was sitting here this morning, deep in thought, trying to think of what my first story about wellness and art would be? Suddenly, I heard a loud boom! It was a firework someone set off in the neighborhood. It was then I realized what this day is really about.

The boom I heard was the remnant of explosions heard 240 years ago in the war leading up to the signing of this most significant piece of wellness through art!

Later I was walking downtown, full of joy and happiness of our nation’s success, when I was startled by a face I’ve seen downtown throughout the years. It was Jesse, asking if I could help.

Jesse's been a local homeless person in Portland for as many years as I can remember. He is very honest and straight forward, asking for beer money often to support his habit. I gave Jesse what change I had, and asked if he was OK?

He said, "It's been rough."

I had a conversation with him about the state of affairs in our country, and as I left he gave me a half-smile and said, "Happy 4th of July. "

So my day had changed. God has a way of humbling me when I need it, if I pay attention. Well, my first article was going to be so enlightening, so full of wellness, art, mind, body and soul. Full of what should encompass a message of hope and wellness today...

And it was.

See The Wellness Through Art vision and art video:

Published by Patrick Colton