How often do you think about getting healthy? If your like me, you think about it a lot, every time you have to buy new clothes, every time, you're scale shows a number creeping above your "fat" number (you know the one that you've decided you're officially fat at - by the way mine was 40 pounds ago!).  Or my favorite, when you see a candid photo of you that you didn't know was being taken.  One where you couldn't position your body in a flattering way (usually behind someone, or a closeup you can somewhat manipulate), the one where you realize, Holy crap I'm really fat and need to do something about it.  Yep I think about it all the time!  The problem is, like most, I tend to think about it, and then opt to watch another TV show, or grab a bag of chips instead of cooking a healthy dinner.  

The trouble with getting healthy is it requires a whole bunch of work. It requires you to make a commitment, in an era of commitment phobia, and it requires you to really change your entire life. There's no getting away with it half way. So where/how do you start? Well for me I had to decide getting back into a healthy lifestyle was the most important thing to do, that and accountability on this site to report in for the next few months with the "Fit Girls Challenges", being accountable to something or someone can be a real motivator for most, but it really is an accountability to myself that will keep me going.  
This weekly post is where I work on keeping myself accountable, and on the different things healthy wise that are going on in in my life.  With this first post, I wanted to give you a little bit of background on me, and why I'm working toward getting back into a healthy lifestyle.
A little over 3 years ago my husband and I quit smoking, it truly was one of the hardest things we've had to do.  So far we've persevered and can both say we're over what we hope is the hardest hurdle with that.  It seemed that along with the usual colds that come for a bit when you quit smoking that I was continuously getting sick for a solid year after.  I went to the doctor, he kept telling me it was normal and that my body would adjust soon and sent me on my merry way.  Then the sinus infections started, followed by a nasty bout with Staph, and a "womanly" issue that put my on alternating bouts of steroids and antibiotics for the better half of a year. Now don't get me wrong I gained a bit of weight when we quit, but it skyrocketed with the antibiotics and steroids, then add in a good serving of Sudafed to regularly fight of the sinus trouble (where I crave sugar and salt when coming off the meds) and my fate was sealed.  
Fast forward to the start of this year, and finally convincing my doctor that I needed to see an allergist and perhaps an ENT to really see what was going on with my Sinuses and why I was tired all the time, and kept waking up with blinding headaches.  
Come to find out I'm allergic to dust mites and that's it (at least on the standard set of tests) - the doc grudgingly put me on Singular to help with what allergy I had and even told me (this may or may not help but it's the first step in getting things figured out)
2 months later, my sinus trouble seems to be going away, but I'm still beat all the time,  I still have a hard time getting up, and occasionally I get a nasty headache.  
Over Memorial Day weekend my hubby couldn't sleep one night and kept tossing and turning, specifically tossing and turning me, waking me up, telling me to roll over, moving me the other way until finally in the morning I woke up to him staring at me.  He told me to go to the doctor because I was dying while I slept.  While an exaggeration, it wasn't a bad description. 
Another two months later and I've been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, and all those nagging issues that weren't getting fixed with any of the other treatments are slowing disappearing. I don't usually wake up with a headache - unless I take my mask off in the middle of the night. I stopped waking up with gagging heartburn (with very little change to my diet - pre fit girls challenge), I still wake up tired but it's getting better (new doc said about two months on the machine average to fix - I'm only about a month in so far).  
And lastly I'm hoping my weight gain, and really inability to lose weight has been because of the Sleep Apnea, so I thought new blogging opportunities, maybe would equal new healthy opportunities and a new view on life. I hope you join me on my journey.
XoXo - Sarah

Published by Sarah Kirkland