I find it interesting that when someone is digging a well for water they don’t stop when they find water.  But that makes sense.  If you stopped digging as soon as you hit water, the well would always be on the verge of drying up.  If you want an effective well, you must dig well past the low water level.  Anything less would not produce water in times of dryness.

    Spiritually, if we think of getting close to God the same as digging a well, we need to do the same thing.  We cannot plan to dig our well just close enough to God to get comfort at the specific time of need.  We need to continue digging to get as close to Him as possible so that in times of dryness or trouble, there will enough water, or His presence, to give us comfort.

    Oswald Smith penned a hymn titled ‘Deeper and Deeper’.  Each verse begins with a goal; “into the heart, into the will, into the cross, into the love, into the will of Jesus.”  Each of these lines is then followed by the desire “deeper and deeper I go.”  That needs to be our goal, not to get just enough of Him, but to continue to dig the well deeper and deeper to get as much as we possibly can.

Published by Ray Richards