To the so called politicians in our Government – we’re mad.  In fact we’re mad as hell - for the past seven plus years you have lied, deceived and misused our money and placed our Nation in harm’s way.

First, you coerced us into giving you an 830 billion stimulus package which was supposed to jump-start our economy – that’s merely a neo-Keynesian belief that only ends up in the long haul as a tax burden for the citizens.

Republicans and Democrats were too busy playing around in their sandbox to actually take over the stewardship of this stimulus package.  Instead they curtsied and bowed to Obama and gave him carte blanche permission to steal our monies.

The past seven years have been dismal and extremely difficult for Americans.  By 2010 about 7.9 million middle class workers had lost their jobs – many of them lost their homes at this time and others were dumped into Democratic welfare programs because the more people dependent on the Government, the better.  At least that is Obama’s philosophy, because he’s a vote buyer.

Let’s wander back to the “Fast and Furious” gun runner scheme subsidized by Obama with our stimulus money.  Our DOJ website reveals that the two people who choreographed this gun runner fiasco was Eric Holder (our Nation’s top cop) and Janet Napolitano (Secretary if our Department of Homeland Security.)

Holder & Napolitano shuffled off to Mexico to sell the gun-runner scheme to the Mexicans – this was in April 2009.  Holder’s speech can also be found on the DOJ website. As is usual in our political environment Obama, Holder & Napolitano got off scot free with never even a hand smack for the death of our border agents and thousands of Mexican men, women & children.

We aren’t just mad about the Benghazi terrorist attacks; we’re ashamed and angry that a President and Secretary of State were responsible for the deaths of four brave American men.  The night of the Benghazi attack, Obama packed his jammies and headed for Las Vegas for a campaign rally.  Good Ole Hillary sat at home tweeting that the attack was due to a video.

So much for accountability, Obama won his second term and the ex- Secretary of State is running for President as we speak - that my friends, is American politics.

Obama and Democrats without a doubt are probably the most scandalous and lawless group of people in our history.  To name and discuss all of the swindles and scandals by the Liberals would fill a book, but there are a few that should be revisited at this time. 

The IRS targeted Conservatives and Obama just shrugged and said the IRS was squeaky clean.

Much to our surprise we found that NSA (National Security Agency) was hiding out under a palm tree in Taiwan or maybe it was Fort Meade spying on American citizens monitoring our emails, smart phones and other personal information – this most definitely is an invasion of  our privacy. 

Obama tried to soft sell the NSA to the public by stressing  the importance of NSA surveillance shenanigans as a protection against terrorists.  The scuttlebutt on the street is that NSA only nabbed one person, a cab driver who was sending funds to a terrorist group in Samolia.   You'll Never Guess How Many Terrorist Plots the NSA's 


As mentioned earlier, the Obama Administration reeks of improprieties during the past 7 years – Americans know about the DOJ spying on the press, drones on our turf,  5 million dollar Solyndra deal to pay back some big Obama donors and funding the Muslim Brotherhood(Terrorists anyway you shake them.)

But, the most recent Obama power play is the deal he and Kerry made with Iran.  He cuddled up to the Iranians who hate America and in all actuality gave them free rein to complete their nuclear warfare and as a little bonus Obama promised them 1.7 billion dollars plus unfreezing billions of dollars that has been withheld from Iran. 

This is like handing a serial killer a butcher knife, gun and an open credit line.  Obama is playing “Russian Roulette” with Americans and our Nation by deliberately placing us in harm’s way. 

To Obama, Republicans and Democrats, “We’re mad – we’re mad as hell” and we the people want our Government back.  We want a strong economy, our borders closed, our National debt reduced, a strong  Military, our homeland safe from illegal aliens, terrorist, drug dealers, rapists and those who wish us harm. 

We want sanctuary cities abolished, Obamacare repealed, Planned Parenthood defunded, our borders secured and we want our Veterans honored and taken care of properly – they have put their lives on the line for us.  This is our Country, our Government and our voice – just read our lips!

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood