I bought Wet n Wild's Max Fanatic Cat Eye Mascara ($5) for two reasons glamour babes; One, it's new and seeing that I'm a huge mascara junkie, I thought it would be fun to try Wet n Wild's newest creation since I do love their mascaras. 

Two, I noticed by store comparison that their wand is an exact dupe of Loreal's Voluminous Butterfly Mascara ($8-$9), you see that right?! In the photo below!? 

Pretty cool that there is now a cruelty free version floating around, or so I thought. I really wanted to like this mascara, I really did, sadly, it turned out not to be my cup of tea. The problem was not the phenomenal triangular wand that catches every lash, grabbing the tiniest of ones, nor the beautiful way it lifted, and separated every lash with just the right amount of length and volume. 

No, it did not produce 8x the volume, and curl as claimed, but I was still satisfied with the results. The real issue I had was with Wet n Wild's formulation. I used Wet n Wild's Max Fanatic Cat Eye Mascara several times before I put up the white flag and gave up, this mascara would not dry for the life of me making their lightweight blackest black formula feel heavy, and sticky on my lashes. 

After my lashes were lengthened, lifted, and separated to perfection, my eyes turned into a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane hot mess within minutes. If I tried to remove some of the product off my lids with a q-tip, or rubbed them, clumped together lashes and black warrior paint like eyes formed due to the horrible smudging. At this point I was afraid to look at my disheveled painted lashes the wrong way, I thought they might hiss back at me or something, lol! Don't even get me started on the burning, once the mascara smudged and got into the corners of my eyes, it was all over from there. I had to completely wash it off with face wash, using makeup remover or wipes by itself created a huge mess all over my face. I refused to let this cruel run on joke get to me, I would not let it, no siree bob. I had to do the unthinkable (hold your breaths boys and girls), I had to throw Wet n Wild's Max Fanactic Cat Eye Mascara in the garbage. I know I'm such a horrible makeup junkie, but what's a girl to do with a faulty mascara? I did however, decide to keep the wand because I loved the lengthy payoff, and I happen to have some mascaras with great formulations, they just didn't come with the greatest wands of their own, lol.
Have you tried Wet n Wild's Max Fanatic Cat Eye Mascara? I hope it wasn't as complicated as mine, maybe you glamourista's have a good trick up your sleeves to keep this mascara in better working order? 
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Stay beautiful! Xo. 

Published by Samantha Malin