Now that school is back in session, I thought it'd be most appropriate to learn all about Wet n Wild's new POP! Back to School Color Icon Lip Gloss glamour babes! You got your pens and notebooks ready?! Excellent! Let's start jotting down some notes......

Wet n Wild's POP! Color Icon Lip Gloss is part of their fall limited edition Pop Art Collection that also consists of false lashes, and nail polishes. I always have luck finding the newer Wet n Wild Collections at Rite Aid, never CVS or Walgreens, and they are always in full stock.

I wasn't truly wowed by the line-up. I could honestly do without the false lashes in this collection. They looked too heavy, bulky, and cheap in my opinion. What I was truly hoping to see was some fall inspired blushes, highlighters, and deeper autumnal toned polishes. I needed warm coppers, rich brown, luscious berries, and vampy reds, where were they hiding?! Lol. I get that Pop Art is really about bold, fun, and loud colors, but changing it up never hurt. I'm sure Andy Warhol wouldn't have minded, in fact I bet he would have loved this idea! Art is a mere form of expression, is it not?

Oh well, you can't always get what you want. I was happy enough to purchase three out of the six Color Icon Lip Glosses that's in the collection; Raised on Good Corals, Strawberries and Femme, and Very Well Red sorta gave me a fall feeling.

The other three colors didn't really speak to me nor would have worked with my complexion, which were; Jackie a La Mode (pale pink), Lilac Theatre (pale lilac), and Violet in Furs (deep purple).

Raised on Good Corals is a peachy coral

Strawberries and Femme is a milky pink

Very Well Red is a cherry red.

The formulation is slick, light weight, easy to apply, comfortable to wear, moisturizing,

non-sticky, and has a high shine jelly finish. Each of the glosses provide a doe foot wand making life a whole lot easier with a precise application, and sheer to medium coverage. Raised on Good Corals and Strawberries and Femme are definitely sheer in this bunch since I had to apply two coats to get the color to show on my lips for ya'll. Very Well Red has medium coverage, and one coat is only needed.

I like the pigmentation of Wet n Wild's Color Icon Glosses, they are soft and subtle. There are days I don't feel like throwing on a bold lipstick when doing everyday things, and these do the trick if I need some moisturizing with a lovely tint of color. They do feather a bit, but its not very noticeable with the shades I chose.
The wear I wasn't too happy about. I got about an hour and a half wear with and without eating or drinking. I figured this much though, most of the lip glosses I own from Wet n Wild don't last long. No biggie, I only ended up paying $6 for all of them ($1.99 a piece). I'll just use them when my lips need some extra conditioning as we head into winter.

Have you tried Wet n Wild's Back to School Collection?! Could you please share your thoughts among the class?!

I hope this makeup lesson was insightful. Class is now dismissed! See you soon!

Stay beautiful, xo.

Published by Samantha Malin