Trends are usually popular for a period of time and tend to die down pretty quickly over the span of a few months.  One trend I could NEVER wrap my head around...Crocs.  I remember the first time I saw them I thought to myself, why would you want to wear shoes with holes that look super clunky and rubber-ish?  Obviously, via people I knew who owned them and via the internet, I heard the main reason was comfort.  I was willing to look the other way in the name of comfort until I found a pair at a thrift store that was actually my size.  Side Note: I wear a size 11 shoe, sometime I need a wide width, so it's unusual for me to find shoes 2nd hand.  I tried them on and was prepared to be a convert.

But that didn't happen!  They were not comfortable at all.  So then I really questioned WHY WOULD SOMEONE WEAR THESE SHOES?!   They just felt like an unnatural shape, the soles felt like hard plastic, and they felt over-sized.  For someone who already has a big foot, you never want to make it look even bigger.  Needless to say, I am happy to see Crocs is making some more fashionable shoes that don't resemble the old model.  But I will never be a Crocs fan.

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Published by Christine Murphy