There is hymn penned by James Hill titled ‘What a Day That Will Be’.  It speaks partly of the trials, sorrows, pains and sickness we experience in this life.  No matter what we do, they cannot be totally avoided.  We can live our lives in such a way as to minimize them, but they cannot be totally eliminated.

    The first line of the song says, “there is coming a day, when no heartaches shall come.”  That’s the day on which we need to focus, not the day a year ago that caused us pain, not the sorrow we are experiencing today, but instead that day in the future when all ills shall be over.  The chorus of the song starts, “what a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see.”  If we focus on that day we can see through the clouds the world has put in front of us and see the beautiful sunrise that God will put before us when we open our eyes in heaven.  In the most dire of situations we should be able to find joy and peace by focusing on Jesus and that day when we shall finally meet Him face to face.

Published by Ray Richards