It is said to believe that women have different thinking and no one ever could understand woman's logic, women are complex and change their minds as often as they change their clothes before going out on a date. Although part of me wants to rebel and contest that this is absolutely and completely untrue, the other part of me is in agreement with all of the above. 

For instance when it comes to love, women's thinking is blinded by emotion and her actions become irrational. Consequently, some of us tend to push away the one we love because we are scared of what this feeling can bring, or scared not to be hurt again because our wounds of last love have not yet healed. Others fall in love so insanely and so rapidly that despite all odds reach out to their happy ending.

If you try thinking about what a girl really wants - you truly realise the complexity of our mind:

1. When a man shows his interest in you, a girl sometimes plays hard to get for various reasons.

2. When the man doesn't give up and sends her messages, shows her his feelings and trusts her - she secretly enjoys the attention but is too proud to admit.

3. When the man realises that he has wasted his time, she realises that she misses these little signs of affection and that actually all this time she was in love.

Then it becomes late to correct the wrongs and if she is lucky enough, she will find her way to the man she loves. Funny, why didn't she just from the beginning accept the reality?

Obviously not all women are like this. There is a different type that immediately jumps in to a relationship regardless if she has feelings for the man or not. The type of women that cannot be alone, they constantly need someone in their life for reassurance and confidence. With these kind of women you never know what to expect either, sometimes they can come across as clingy and won't let go of you. The attention needs to be always centred around them. Perhaps, they are least complicated but you never know what to expect from them. Although, these women will do anything, and I mean anything, to keep you in their lives.

Lastly, there are the women that simply do not know what they want in life, from their partner or anyone around them. These women can never make up their mind about anything. Can be a challenge to be around a woman like that, don't you think?

I guess, women are complicated and when one wants to pin point what it is exactly that a girl wants in summary it would look something like that:

Love: the true kind, the one that doesn't know jealousy and comes to life so unexpectedly and without a reason.

Friendship:  a person that she can count on anytime and trust her deepest secrets/fears

Being heard: a woman always wants to be heard 

Family: it is important to have a family and to have familial values, every woman would like to become a mother one day - it is important to understand that 

Emotions: yes, women are emotional. They need emotions to live and they need someone who will understand that. Yes, our mood swings are very common but it is part of who we are, so all we ask for is a little bit of understanding.

The list is truly never ending but this is just a few things that came to mind.

Published by Karina Saakyan