shit-happens-trump-2Here in the UK democracy has taken a hit twice in the same year. Ironically, the votes for CHANGE have been made under the banner of democracy. It could be a joke - if it wasn't so damn sad and tragic.

Brexit was sold to UK folk as boosting our failing National Health Service, with money saved from not contributing to an evil EU. All migrants became potential terrorists and Brexit made folk fear their, pre-Brexit perfectly acceptable neighbours.

Let's get our country back - was their motto. Let's make our country great again.

I may be missing something here, but, my memories of life in a pre EU Britain involve coastlines and beaches that were quite frankly health risks. A swim in the sea amongst turds, condoms and god knows what else was something to savour. People and their rights counted for very little. And, we lived with the constant fear of another World War and consequently one that involved ever more sophisticated weapons of mass destruction.


Now fast forward to America and their version of Brexit... driven by a wish to make their country great again, banish Americans and residents of America who have a different religion, way of life and blah, blah, blah.

It's tragically familiar. We live in a world where a minority of extremists are being allowed to render us stupid, do away with our democracy and push our development as so-called intelligent human beings, backwards. We're ruled by the fear they manufacture.

We need to listen and take the lead from today's generations.

They are the ones that will have to live with this damn mess. Ask them and they will tell you that they wanted to remain a part of the EU, yes, it's not a perfect animal, but it wasn't about to attack them and eat them up. They embrace the way folk meet and talk, try to find a common ground, agree to disagree and recognise that you can't have your cake and eat it!

For some reason the older folk ,that influenced the results, think we can.

Hey Europe, we don't want to be part of your smelly gang anymore, but, we still expect to play and be allowed to join in... with no commitments of friendship, or give and take.


And now you're going to get hard with us and exclude us? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

But, we were once the great British Empire. You can't do this to us.

America has now gone the same way.

Hey, we enjoyed this guy on The Apprentice and we should hire him.

He is hugely racist, sexist, lacks respect for women, can't control his temper and hugely fancies himself and as Mr President. You're hired! Oh, and watch out for your genitals... he just can't help himself. If he sees beautiful he's just got to kiss it and stuff.

And now he's  THE PRESIDENT ELECT . He can do what he damn well likes.

Go on, give him THE box with the nukes in and watch him play.

Just like a child, he'll build walls, knock em down and make up his game as he goes along.

He'll take away affordable health care for the masses, cancel trade deals and accelerate global warming. It's all about America...  right? Don't even mention the racist card that he holds.

And now the whole  world is going to be appearing in this strange Truman Show gone very wrong. Just as Brexit cocked things up first,  we have  season 1 of The Trump show to look forward to. Only, it doesn't stream on Netflix a la House of Cards. Frank Underwood would be an absolute pussy compared to the Trump.

But, I can't get my head around the fact that the voters who forced these retrograde events are older. They probably own their own houses. Many of them no longer work and they are financially secure.

What about our children and their children?

Have they even considered the future generations, or is all about them? How they can improve their lifestyles , have MORE and hang everybody else.

Do they want a World War 3 so they having a matching set? Those were the good old days, hey?


But, what do I know? Perhaps these folk know something we don't and they have just made the wisest decisions that will save us from our own stupidity and selfishness.. Maybe we're not seeing the whole picture and things will work out just fine. Are we the selfish ones? Running scared? Lacking in vision?

For our children, their children and their children, I would love to be proved wrong and made to feel bad for voting against Brexit and for willing the lesser of two evils, Hillary ,into the White House.

But right now, I feel so guilty and powerless for not being able to influence/stop this shit that has happened.

Thanks for reading.

Dorne x




Published by Dorne Whale