According to my Goodreads page, I am reading twenty-six books at the moment! That's a lot of reading, and most of those are books I've started and then neglected, and then abandoned. But luckily, there are a few books that I am dipping in and out of when I get a chance. Last week I talked about The Woman Who Died a Lot and this week I'm going to talk about A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. 

I began reading it on July 7th. So it's been just under 2 months, and I have reached page 243. It's a chunky book and was daunting when I first started it, but then I got to know the characters a bit better, and found that I was interested in their lives and their thoughts. It's the kind of novel I love reading: In depth, great dialogue, unique characters. 

The thing with 700+ page novels is that they can be a bit overwhelming on the mind. Sometimes you need to read something easier going, or funnier, or a different genre completely. Which is why I've taken a break from A Little Life and have been reading humor and poetry. Once I've finished reading The Woman Who Died a Lot I will continue the mighty tome which is home to Jude, JB, Willem and Malcom. 

My Reading Stats:

Currently on page: 253

Total number of pages in book: 720

Percentage read: 35%

Opening Line:

"The eleventh apartment had only one closet, but it did have a sliding glass door that opened onto a small balcony, from which he could see a man sitting across the way, outdoors in only a T-shirt and shorts even though it was October, smoking."

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