apple15-46x60should probably be ashamed to tell you this, but during my first session with a trainer, the first thing she said was "we are going to work on your core first". Well, since it sounded like I was supposed to know what that meant, I pretended that I did. In reality, I had no idea - I kept picturing an apple core.

So, if you think the same thing, I'm here to shed some light and hopefully spare you some embarrassment and help you along the way. A few things to start with:

  • Warm up for 10 minutes first
  • Do your core exercises
  • Then do your endurance, Strength, Flexibility or Balance Exercises

Now, what are 'Core' Exercises?

Q6. What are CORE exercises?

 A.  Core Exercises are commonly thought of as Abdominal (Ab) exercises but there's more you need to know. These exercises should strengthen both the inner and outer core muscles as these muscles protect the spine as it moves in any direction.

Core exercises should consist of the types of exercises that train these muscles to move in many directions. When these exercises are done consistently, these muscles will strengthen and protect your spine.

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Published by Joan E. Wilder