Talent Management programs as the name suggests are the programs designed by the talent management organizations to successfully recruit and retain the right talent in an organization.

Interestingly, talent management is an important part of the broader human capital management program that is involved in recruiting – hiring the right people, retaining the right or key talent – managing them effectively with attractive perks and other facilities that will help them stay motivated and thus in an organization. While talent management’s main focus is on particular specific, critical daily activities that are overseen by the human resource team.

If this is the role of talent management then what is global talent management and how can you start your career in talent management organizations? Let’s find out here.

What Is Global Talent Management?

Before we go further into the principles and core aims of global talent management, let’s understand what is global talent management? Global Talent Management is more than just plain recruitment and filling of the positions even with the right talent. Global talent management program is an important part of talent management program.

In fact, global talent management involves six basic principles apart from the four core aims that are essential for successful global talent management strategy. So what are those six basic principles and four core aims that spell successful global talent management strategy for an organization.Let’s read it here.

Four core aims of successful global talent management strategy include – recruiting, developing, deploying and retaining the right people but these aims are incomplete or rather meaningless without these six principles that are as follows –

Principle : Alignment with strategy
Principle : Internal Consistency
Principle : Cultural Embeddedness or Integrating Culture
Principle : Management Involvement
Principle : Balance of global and local needs
Principle : Employer Branding Through Differentiation

When you are practicing these principles for global talent management, then you are bound to succeed and get desired results quite quickly or rather much before you anticipated. Each of these global talent management principles play an important role in successful global talent management strategizing.

In case you are planning a career in Talent Management, then while basic degrees are prerequisite, the other important thing is certifications that will fetch you quicker results. However, remember that certifications from a reputed certification body will put you in a good stead rather than any certification course you take.

Top HR Certifications You May Like To Look Through

It is an established fact that certifications are a third party validation to your skills and qualifications. So why not go for certifications and get yourself validated when you have decided to pursue a career in HR and talent management. Yes, Human Resource Management and Talent Management are the only departments, where certifications while not mandatory, do put you ahead of your competitors while searching for jobs and while getting that coveted promotion.

HRCI or Human Resource Certification Institute, SHRM or Society of Human Resource Management and TMI or Talent Management Institute are the top three institutes that offer HR certifications to the professionals. Each of them are recognized by the recruiters and prospective employers. Designed by the industry experts after meticulous planning and research, each of the certifications from either three of them will fetch you the coveted job in the industry.

However, each of the certifications offered by either of these three top certification bodies have certain professional requisites that you need to comply with before you can apply for the Certification from either of them. They also offer certifications for practicing globally.

Published by Edward Martin