Flyash bricks are made using the waste of thermal power plant. The ash of burnt coal is used as an input, thus reinforcing the idea of turning waste into wealth. In India itself, the annual generation of flyash is expected to be around 200 million tones by end of the 12th five-year plan and around 500 million tones by 2032.

There are some very straightforward advantages of using flyash bricks:

1.    They are light in weight and hence are very suitable for multi-floored buildings. This is because as the height of the buildings increase, the stress and tension on the foundation and structure increases too. With light bricks, this stress and tension is reduced manifold.

2.    Flyash bricks absorb less heat and considering the Indian climate, it makes it better when compared to clay bricks.

3.    From the cost front, it requires less mortar during construction. Further, the machine that we provide requires less labor too. Our machines are made keeping in mind the costs associated with water wastage and raw material wastage too. You hence save in the breakage front (15%), the plaster and jointing front (15%) and curing and labor front (7%). So Q Greenflyash brick machines reduce the overall costs.

4.    The compressive strength is very high and they are less porous. They absorb less water and saves cost there, as well.

5.    It is environmentally friendly and hence allows your business to take a step towards sustainable development. Q-Green machines are green machines too, that promote environment protection and conservation. Production of flyash bricks requires no fossil fuel and hence does not lead to emission of green house gases.

6.    Production of clay bricks damages the top-soil and this is prevented in the manufacturing process of flyash bricks. There is no pollution or environmental damage, as a result of which it has been put into the white category of products.

7.    Flyash bricks are stronger, more uniform and denser as compared to clay bricks. While their mortar consumption is low, their wastage is only about 1% as against that of clay bricks which is about 10%.

These are some advantages of using flyash bricks that is making major construction houses, and for that matter even the government, move towards it.

Q Green Techcon Pvt Ltd is working strongly towards creating a Green India and through fly ash bricks machine, we sought to promote Green Technology in Construction Industry and also provide people an opportunity to convert 'Waste Into Wealth'. We have mastered the art of brick making successfully by manufacturing bricks and blocks using 70-80 % Fly ash.

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Published by Kaushal Shah