At homes or in the offices we often require reaching certain height for different reasons but climbing a chair or nay other object as a climbing tool might be dangerous and with slightest of misbalance you can fall. Fold down ladders have many benefits in such a scenario. The article will lead you to the benefits of folding ladders.

Specialty of Fold Down Ladders

  • The fold down ladders are very supportive and can be leaned against a wall. These ladders are very useful inside the house especially in places where it is difficult to lean against an object or wall.
  • It is also great for small businesses if they have to work in heights.
  •  If the fold down ladders is of very high quality, then it is even capable to support large amount of weight.
  • It can be conveniently folded by anyone regardless of age or strength. This is one of the greatest benefits of fold down ladders.
  • The fold down ladders has wider steps usually so that the user is safe while climbing. These steps are designed in a particular way so that the pressure is spread across the foot.
  •  The fold down ladders has a base that is broader as compared to the normal ladders. This helps to increase the stability and support.
  • These ladders are light weight and can be carried easily.
  • They are available in variety of materials like the aluminium and the fiberglass that is very popular.

How to Work Safely with Fold Down Ladders?

  1. Right angle: If the fold down ladders is used as straight ladders, then you have to check the angle before climbing. If the angle is at 75% it is considered to be ideal. This can be tested by the user with the help of the tip of your shoes that is kept at the feet of the ladder. If you are able to grasp the folding ladder, then you will know that the angle is right. Then you have to check that the rungs of the ladder are horizontal.
  2. Right weight: You should see to it that the load of the fold down ladders is not more than 150 kg including the baggage that you are carrying.
  3. One person at a time: It is not possible for more than one person to work on the ladder at the same time. If you do so it will be quite risky. You also have to ensure that one of your hands is free when you are climbing the fold down ladder.
  4. Check the hinge: The use of these ladders is that they should have a hinge system that is properly locked. You must always check that the hinge is in the correct position. The hinge has to be locked correctly without using any force.
  5. Right Position: The ladder has to be in platform position. This is because you are always safe and secure. If the folding ladders do to have platform, then you have to obtain it separately.
  6. Attic ladders: There are also attic ladders that are used as folding ladders and are a retractable stairway. This is accessible to attic space that folds up into the ceiling frame. These ladders will make the trip up and down the ladder not only easier but even faster and safer.

Folding ladders are important equipment for home and offices. But while purchasing them quality must be considered and they should be purchased only from the reliable dealers or makers.



Published by Zac Ferry