From funky props and photo booths to temporary tattoos and personalized bags, stylish and trendy hen party accessories are sure to make you and your favourites sparkle. Simply suprise your besties with a great hen party for a lifetime having the best hen party accessories and decorations. Obviously we are not talking about the cheesy and clichéd paraphernalia but go trendy and have some classy pieces that your friends will appreciate and remember for long.

Go crazy and have the best time of your life

There are online stores that have plenty of hen party accessories to make your day all the more amazing. With a variety of handbags, balloons, tapes and cocktail napkins to look great, these stores provide the ultimate range of decoration items for all your needs and tastes.

So, are you looking for a fun and crazy hen party accessories that will add that extra charm and excitement to your hen night? Go online and select from a huge collection of confetti, streamers, banners, balloons and more, creating a superb hen party atmosphere like never before. With a wide range of accessories for your party venue, car or limo hire, you can get them all when you shop online. As you get to the venue, why not just pin a personalized banner on the wall and have some ribbons and warning tape around those chairs and tables. You can even have more fun and decorate the drinks with funky straws.

Plan in advance

You need to remember that hen party ideas are aplenty and throwing that perfect bash takes a hell lot of planning and efforts in advance. You will have to discover all the options for drinks, food menu, decoration items, accessories, return gifts and more. Will your party have any theme? A colour code maybe? Well, you can do all this and plan well in advance to make your hen party amazing and memorable.

Now that you are aware of what all it involves to make your party a super bash, let’s consider what are the best accessories for a hen party that are not boring and clichéd. Have a look:

Customized veil

The bride can say it loud on the veil some slogan she believes in or that represents her. You can personalize some phrase or quote to announce whatever you want. At this point, you can wear your creative hat and have some velvet letters on ivory shoulder length veil- personalized and customized so that you can announce whatever you wish to. Maybe your would-be married name? Or some love quote? Some words for your new love? Some swears to simply shock your in-laws? You can go crazy with it and nobody will judge as it will your day.

Card glasses

Hen party ideas are not just complete without the photo props. You may have dressed your walls, tables and chairs or may have already got that perfect backdrop. Now it is time to throw in some photo booth props to have those amazing pictures of the great time spent. You can have the paper or card glasses; they will help you see right even when you are some pegs down. These glasses and other props will be great to get everyone involved in the party and enjoy to their fullest.

Wall Decorations

If you finalize a venue that permits you to go crazy with decorations, you can simply take the opportunity to dress up the walls and have fun. Don’t just hold back, be creative and make the walls dancing too. Try having the fringe curtains or some really nice banners.

Table Settings

It is also important to get your tables all set. You can have cake stations, drinks corner, photo booth stations and fun table settings to go well with the theme of the party. You can have some accessories to be adorned on the tables like flashy napkins, colourful straws and cutlery etc.


Last but not least, unique balloons are impactful and they can decorate a party like you always wanted it to be. If you are more into the typical party balloons for your hens party, you can easily go with the standard bride and ring balloons.

So, these are a few accessories to adorn at your hen party. You can even choose the silent disco Edinburgh theme to have a different type of a celebration.

Published by Eric Foley