In the human body, water is the main component and in fact, is composed of between fifty-five to seventy-eight percent. For you to maintain a healthy body, Experts have recommended eight to ten glasses of water every day. When you consume this amount of water every day, it will play an important role in maintaining a healthy body. Below are some benefits why is healthy to drink water on a daily basis.

Relieves body fatigue

When you take adequate consumption of water, there is proper body function which it relieves fatigue. Body fatigue is brought by lack of enough water in the body which your heart will be forced to work hard. The heart pumps your oxygenated blood from out in the bloodstream to other major organs less efficiently. Hereby, Weaccountax cheap accountants for contractors recommend the certain amount of water which prevents you from having back pain since the spinal cord is made up of a large volume of water.

Prevents and treats headaches

It is important to take plenty of water because it treats headaches and migraines. Researchers have also ruled out that increased of water intake reduces the intensity of headaches. When there is inadequate water intake in your body this may result in constipation. Colon is supposed to pull water from the stools to maintain hydration which will make harder to pass. Dehydration degrades the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Sufficient water in your body will thus help in metabolism and proper break down of food.

Suppresses strong appetites

Proper intake of water helps suppress appetite and it easy to lose weight. When you take the preferred water intake, it helps your body to burn, break down and eliminate fat cells. Water which calorie free is also a great replacement for high calories drinks such as alcohol, sugar fizzy drinks, and sodas.


Water also plays a great role as a detoxifier because it gets rid of toxins from your body which body waste pass through in form of sweat and urine. It is important to know that when you take water, there is proper functioning of the kidney. Water dilutes salts and minerals in urine thus distancing yourself from kidney stones.

Facilitates blood viscosity

For you to stay healthy, it is advisable to be hydrated because there is the proper viscosity of blood plasma and fibrinogen distribution and thus prevents cardiovascular disorders. Proper water levels in your body also prevent a number of skin diseases. It maintains the optimum skin moisture and delivers essential nutrients to the skin cells. It replenishes the skin tissue and increases its elasticity thus it delays the appearance of signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

Fetus growth in pregnant women

Water is essential to a pregnant woman because it plays a vital role in nutrients and other factors needed for the growth of the fetus. You should also note that taking the recommended amount of water helps in avoiding diseases such as bladder infections and hemorrhoids which are usually common during pregnancy.

General health enhancement

Lastly, water is a safe and cheap remedy for a lot of the health condition that we face every day. Why don’t you go and have a glass of water, then two more!

Published by M Yousuf