The most special moments of one’s life pass in an instant and seem to slip beyond one’s grasp when one needs to grab them the most. Weddings are one such occasion where there is a lot of fun, frolic, and love surrounding the environment. Amid all the happiness and romance, you would need a person who can click your pictures when you are busy enjoying the marriage and the togetherness. Wedding Photographers can be hired to capture the moments skillfully in their cameras and present to you in the shape of beautiful and breathtaking pictures.

If you are planning to cover the diverse phases of your wedding ceremonies in a fairy tale style, you can also reach a photographer in Kanpur which has the latest models of the camera and other equipment. It will help you get the best lighting, effects, and backgrounds in your pictures. However, If you wish to travel out of the city or country to get the perfect shots with your loved one, then you can ask the photographer to offer you the services of destination pre-wedding photography services.

However, there are a plethora of styles available in photography that a cameraman can pick and apply to the wedding pictures. Below, we have discussed some of those and tried to explain how these kinds of photography can bring out the beauty out of the togetherness shared by two people.

  • Candid Photography – Clicking the pictures of the people when they are busy living the moment and expressing their true emotions instead of posing in front of the camera is a real talent that not many photographers can do perfectly. Candid photography can be either genuine or directional. In genuine candid photography, the subject is not looking at the camera and is truly unaware that he/she is been shot. On the other hand, the directional candid photography calls for the fake random pictures where the subject looks elsewhere and acts on purpose to not to be aware of being clicked. Candid photography is the ultimate style of wedding photography and seeks a positive response from people. It focuses on bringing the natural and true emotions rather than the posed ones.
  • Black and White Photography – In the world full of colors, sometimes a picture needs none. Before the technology developed and the pictures got all bright and colorful, there was a time when all the photographs were made in monochrome only. The right mixture of the two colors made the details speak out and the absence of the colors makes it easy for people to concentrate on the expressions and emotions of the subject in the pictures. Sometimes, the mixture of the colors dominates the subjects’ true expressions in the pictures of the wedding, and that is when the Black and White photography acts as a savior and brings out the detailing and expressions in the photographs eminently.
  • Artistic Photography – The art is not a simple thing to be explained as it is a mixture of creativity and new thoughts. When it comes to artistic photography, it is even difficult to explain and even more difficult to bring into reality. However, it can be described as a photography type where the pictures show a hidden form of creativity or message in it. The major benefit of this kind of photography is that it is very much appreciated as it offers more than just the basic look of the subjects and it doesn’t necessarily require high-fi instruments as it can be achieved with making the changes in framing, filters, subject positioning, film choice, and lightings. At weddings, this kind of photography brings out an extreme level of beauty and meaning.
  • Drone Photography – The angles and sides matter a lot during the photoshoots. When it comes to wedding photography, there is a huge crowd accompanying the bride and groom at all times that makes it hard for the photographer to click the best pictures and change his position rapidly. Hence, the introduction of drone photography in weddings serves as supreme support in getting the best pictures from the bird-eyes’ view. The photographer can have a look at the pictures on the monitor and click the perfect shots whenever required. Drone photography has eased the work of multiple photographers and raised the bar of wedding photography.
  • Portrait Photography – Portrait photography is an essential part of capturing humans and weddings are all about people and their diverse expressions and emotions. In the marriages, the photographer is expected to click the best photographers where the love between the couple is demonstrated. With the simple use of proper lighting, amazing backdrops, aesthetic backgrounds, and creative placements, a photographer can make the expressions and detailing apparent in the pictures and make the wedding pictures glow more than anything.

After explaining all the above types of photography styles that are mostly followed in India and abroad, we are sure that their application will deck up the results you are about to offer to your clients. You shall play with the lights as long as it makes your subject come out better and brighter and highlights the whole picture in the perfect way. There are various rules attached to clicking the best pictures, but one of them is more crucial and that is breaking the rules. Photography is a creative profession and if the cameraman will keep on following the path and rules created by others, he will never be able to achieve uniqueness.

Hire the wedding photographers only after contemplating all the services, benefits and features provided by them. Marriage happens once in a lifetime and thus, it can be recorded once only. Don’t risk the quality of the photographs of your wedding for saving some cash, as these memories can never be recreated but only revisited with ideal pictures acting as a passage of emotions felt and the moments lived.

Published by Justin Schumakar