Kurti is traditional attire for Indian women. You will get a vast range of choices in it. From daily wear to formal and casual events, kurtis can give you an elegant, rich and trendy look as per the demand of the event. The comfort and grace you get, while wearing kurti is one of the main reasons behind why women prefer wearing it.

Universally accepted

Kurti is a kind of attire that symbolizes the rich Indian tradition and cultural heritage. It looks decent and ethnic even when it is cut in modern style. Teenage girls and women can easily wear kurtis with confidence without bothering about others opinion!


The best part of kurtis is that they are versatile in nature. You can wear them at different places without any worries. It is perfect to be worn as a college wear, office wear and daily wear purpose. With the right selection of it, you can look not only charming but also fashionable in friendly meets and family functions.

In varied types of fabrics and designs

Kurtis is available in sober and simple colours or rich and gorgeous colours in a variety of fabrics such as silks, cotton, synthetic, nylon, etc. You can even get them in different types of art works such as embroidery, mirror work, zari–gota, thread work, etc. 

A border of golden zari or embroidery would surely add a completely different dimension to the look. Pairing it with golden ornaments gives a classy and rich look to your personality.

Easy to carry

Kurti is one of the traditional attires that is so easy to wear as well as carry. You can easily perform any of the task wearing them. Though there are other garments too that are easy to carry such as skirts, jeans, etc., but kurti looks very beautiful and decent especially when you are with elderly members in the house.

Fashionable look

If you are looking for a dress that not just looks decent but also fashionable, then kurtis are the right choice for you. You can choose from a wide range of kurti neck designs cutting to suit your occasion.


Comfort is the best attribute that defines a Kurti. This is one such attire that makes a person feel at a great ease while wearing it. Wearing a kurti you would not even mind doing your daily household chores or take a short nap. Such is the comfort that this dress provides to a person.

Pocket friendly

Who doesn’t want to buy a dress that not just look elegant and stylish but also comes within your budget? Whether you need a comfortable daily use cotton kurti or a silk sequined stunning kurti, they are the ones that are available within everyone’s budget.


Kurti is versatile attire for Indian women. It suits women of different age groups.  Selecting the right type of Kurti would be the best way to manifest multi cultural trait! 

Published by Nirdesh Singh