We are all well aware of the famous games, yet there are some games that are not famous, but they have global popularity. This is where the participants attacked an innocent warehouse wall with their golf ball. Its holding is different from the fireman's carry-on, Peggy Beck, Estonian style, where the woman is hanging down with her legs around her partner's shoulders as she wraps them around her waist. Wisconsin, Finland, Monona, Sonjarvi and Michigan have major competitions in Marquette. As talking about the sports we need to mention the jockey Ruby Walsh who has the best skills to play and win, if you are interested to know more about then visit here to explore more.

Urban golf

If you do not want to walk around Golf Green and want to get all healthy exercise, then there is another lesser-known alternative, Urban Golf.

Motorcycle polo

Whenever you can't find four-legged horses, the only way to play polo is on bicycles. This fast-growing game has rapidly evolved into an international competitive edge.

Unicycle game

Once seen only on stage, or in the circus, the cycle has become a global phenomenon. From balanced movements and acrobats, to mountain racing, to bicycle hockey, wheel-to-wheel has become a wonder.

Roller derby

Roller Derby players are proud of the combination of punk swag and attitude, with genuine athletic ability. The Women's Flat Track Derby Association sponsored its first roller derby national championship tournament in 2007.

Wife taking

First introduced in Finland, the wife carrying game is a game where the male team takes on a rival female team mate. The purpose is to get the man to accompany his partner, whose job is to maintain balance, during a particular hurdle, at high speed. In Finland, prize beer weighs a woman.

Mustache championship

Mustache and beard raising is a serious business, as seen in the two-year-old World Beard and Mustache Championship, where men showcase their carefully crafted beard and mustache. The categories include complete beard freestyle, gootie and daisy mustache. Of course you will have all the appropriate tools, from brushes, combs and scissors to munch wax and mustache nets.

Fun game zurbange

Although many people see it as just a fun game, it has a growing following. Each competitor 'walks' on a set trail, hidden inside a plastic car-shaped world, with a speed of 50km / h. It is not a game of unconscious hearts and there are medical restrictions.

Cardboard tube tailoring

We all know about the old dueling knights in their coaches. The modern knight is very serious about tube carding his cardboard. Participants had enmity with cardboard taps, which were worn in a cardboard box.

Snow polo

At one time, the old game of Snow Polo was common with the Turkish emperors. It is played on flat ground, or on compacted ice on a frozen lake. However, polo is not restricted to horseback. Now there are BMX polo, yak polo, elephant polo, canoe polo, camel polo, golf cart polo, and underwater polo.

Published by Zoe Sewell