The chemicals are highly used in laboratory activities and scientific developments. These are employed in several manufacturing industries, school labs, govt. research institutions, agriculture, pharma industries and many more. But such chemicals must be handled and stored with due care and attention as it could react adversely in unfavourable environments.  

The laboratory chemicals are classified into two groups such as List 1 and List 2. The sale of the chemicals falling under the categories is strictly controlled. You can purchase it once you satisfy the seller that you won’t be misusing the specified chemical. Usually, the customer is required to mention the particular details and the use of the chemical. Even the sellers need to obtain the permits for an authorised sale of such products.

Also, the chemicals are available in sorted grades as per its purity level.

  • The highest quality chemical is mentioned under the reagent grade. It is suitable for all the purposes and to carry out scientific experiments on the living organisms.
  • Next is the lab grade chemical which is employed for non-biological experiments. Also, it is not fit to be sold for consumption purpose.
  • The final grade is the technical. It is mainly used for manufacturing and industrial use. It is employed in laboratories when a higher level of accuracy is needed.

Please note, there is not a big difference between the reagent and technical grade, other than the fact that former is tested for purity while the latter doesn’t.
The chemicals are sold in various forms and techniques. Some chemicals are dry and sold in a powdered form. These are sealed or wrapped in zipped pouches.  Other chemicals, which are in a liquid state, are packed in plastics if it is non-corrosive and in the glass when it’s acidic.
Whatever chemical you purchase, you must check the proper labelling to get the genuine products. It should bear the scientific name, the level of purity (concentration), level of solubility, date of purchase/manufacture/expiry and the method of disposal.
Keep a check on the quality of the chemical while purchasing. It is always recommended to buy an expensive chemical which is safe to use, rather a cheaper one that could turn hazardous.
The chemicals are available in large quantities and varieties. But you should always prefer a vendor that provides such products in small amounts so as to avoid any sort of wastage of resources or money. Buy that much quantity which suits your requirement.
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Grab it. But be safe and cautious while using the chemicals!

Published by Ruby Daub