Rising and falling waves, clear open sky, cool deep waters and fine grains of sand – while these are some of the aspects that describe the beautiful view of a beach, their vast extend takes one closer to the beauty of nature. With several such elements that celebrate the happiness of our mother earth, beaches are certainly one of most interesting factors to look forward to. Love for water coupled with desire to experience nature’s beauty often pulls me towards beaches and their shores. Staying along the west coast of this country has given me several opportunities to be at the beach, practically every other weekend!

      With a life partner who possess similar feelings for this aspect of nature, the process of planning and reaching a beach appears to be totally effortless. Looking forward to spend some quiet time amidst nature, walk along the shore of a beach is certainly one of the best ways to relax and destress. Though every beach offers the same combination of waves and sand, the experience differs each time. While the joy of wetting feet under flowing waves of water appears wonderful in every way, walking along the sand resembles a totally novel experience.

       Inspired by the waves of the beach, I often imagine about the lessons that a beach intends to teach. Motivating me to rise after a fall or prompting me to continue my usual flow of work, I draw inspiration from the movements of a beach. Rising and falling, besides proceeding back and forth for innumerable times, I wonder about the power in its flow. Huge extent of water all around and vast scope of horizon far away point to the limitless opportunities and numerous possibilities along the course of life. Pumping fresh doses of energy during every encounter with the beach, I experience the joy of an active mind and powerful body.

         Besides the energizing power, beaches lead me towards an introspective mode. By fueling my thoughts, emotions and feelings, they take me towards the joy of retrospection. As I think about the good old times, besides enjoying the happiness of present and hoping for a better tomorrow, the openness of a beach combine my past, present and future. While planning for next, exciting tasks ahead, beaches sow seeds of belief and trust.

       Though beaches lack any voice or do not deliver message of any kind, continuous flow of thoughts within their ambiance does the perfect job of a teacher. Hope, faith, love, trust, happiness, excitement and interest are some of the emotions that arise during every adventure with the beach. Taking me away from the usual routine and stress, beaches are the perfect places for an exciting escape. Filling my system with energy for the next start, walk along the beach is all that is needed for a powerful journey.

        Capturing beautiful moments of sunrise and sunset, admiring the wonderful colors of the sky, wondering about the boundaries of water form some the most amazing memories during a date with the beach! Looking at the picturesque union between the sky and water at the horizon fills my heart with endless questions, tempting me to reach at that very spot!

     One single view of the limitless ocean opens up the channels of my mind. Teaching the significance of believing in my inner self, beaches are nothing less than motivational courses, inspiring the life in me.


  With diverse experiences during every visit at the beach, I enjoy the process of creating beautiful memories and amazing moments. As long as the beach inspires me with its flowing water and grains of sand, I will love to seek lessons from this interesting teacher!


Published by Lavanya