More and more people are taking to it and the number is on the rise in the last few years as well. One of the main reasons why people engage it is because of the cost of treatment and it is because of the savings in terms of cost. When it is the case of emergency treatment you have no option. But on the other hand if elective form of surgeries is concerned it does work out to be the best option.

The term Vaidam and medical tourism go hand in hand. It does point to the fact that you travel to the foreign shores for medical treatment.

Lists of reasons why people go on to visit the foreign shores for medical related treatment are as follows:

  • In the developed countries you would find that the cost of health care has gone on to increase considerably.
  • In modern times the concept of global travel is fairly priced and at the same time trouble free.
  • The better modes of communication do help it easier for one to reach from one part of the world to another.

In the midst of all this the most important point to consider has to be health insurance. If you are without health insurance or there is lack of clarity in terms of health insurance you would need to choose a medical tourism country. Since the costs are on the higher side in the developed countries you would end up paying more as well. For this simple reason individuals who really struggle with the costs opt for the foreign shores for medical tourism.

The major reason why people end up choosing medical tourism has to be the low cost of treatment. Compared to a developed country you end up making a savings of close to 30 % in terms of cost. This could increase to 80 % as well. For a lot of us low cost would mean poor quality. But this does not work that way as it is because of the low exchange rates along with the low cost of labour as well.

Early the domain of health care sector has a lot of loopholes and this has got to do with the lack of facilities or infrastructure. But since the evolution of private hospitals things have changed for the better course. In addition to this most of the hospitals have all the relevant certifications in place. So you can take solace from the fact that the best in terms of health care facility is provided by the hospitals. Coupled with the fact the surgeons who practice in India are tied up with the top hospitals of the country. Most of them have gone on to have their education in the top class colleges of the world. Then they come to India and practice their skills as well. So the quality you can say would be right at par with the developed countries of the world as well.

Published by Kristin Perry