Shopping for men can be tough, and shopping for men who are big and tall can be even more challenging. Instead of getting generic gifts that don't take their size into consideration, embrace it! These gifts for big and tall men show that you're truly giving thought to the presents you purchase.


1. Tall Cutting Board

Imagine slicing up fruits and vegetables on a counter that is two feet lower than you'd like. It can mean that you're hunched over and uncomfortable, which is definitely not going to encourage anyone to spend more time in the kitchen. Buy a tall or raised cutting board so that keeping busy in the kitchen is finally comfortable for the big and tall man in your life.


2. Big Aprons

Big and tall aprons are unique gifts that men don't know they want until they have. Although a traditional apron might seem fine, it won't tie around the waist properly. Plus, if it is sized for a woman, it might not cover enough space on the front of the body. An apron in the right size is a fantastic gift that you'll see the recipient wear time and time again in the kitchen or out in the backyard when it is grilling season.


3. Laptop Stand or Extender

Big guys often struggle with back pain. If you've ever seen them working on a laptop, you probably understand why. Tall men are often hunched over a small laptop, and that can do serious damage to a person's back. A laptop stand, also known as a laptop extender, can lift the computer so that it is finally the right height for the man in your life.


4. Height Business Cards

If you're shopping for someone with a sense of humor, why not get fun gifts like humorous height business cards. Think about the most common questions tall men get asked, and print up the answers on a personalized business card. List information like the man's height, whether or not he plays basketball and what the weather is like up there. Great for a laugh today and when the recipient hands them out in the future.


5. Extra Large Towel

Let's face it: A bigger than average body can't get completely dry with an average-sized towel. One of the most practical gifts for men is an extra large towel. Grab a fun design if you want, but the key is to splurge on a bigger size than normal. Any man would be thrilled to finally have a towel in the right size for his body.


6. Extension Handles

Everything from baby strollers to lawnmowers is designed to be used by people of an average height. For a big and tall guy, these machines can be too short. The result is that tall guys have to hunch over in order to push them. Extension handles are a pretty affordable and simple purchase, but they can make a world of difference. All of a sudden, tall men will find it a lot more comfortable to mow the lawn or push a stroller.


7. Tall Tees

Every tall man has faced the struggle of putting on a T-shirt only to have it reveal his midriff when he stands up or stretches. Tall tees eliminate this problem by finally being long enough for even the tallest men. These don't have to be expensive, but they will definitely be appreciated.


8. Sock That Truly Fit

Truly big and tall men tend to have bigger feet. Many men wear traditional socks, but they never fit quite right. Sadly, lots of men don't even realize that there is a solution out there. Gift bigger socks so that men can finally experience the right fit.


9. Sturdy Outdoor Furniture

A lot of big and tall men worry about sitting down on lightweight outdoor furniture. After all, the average plastic chairs might not hold their weight. Help them enjoy the great outdoors by splurging on some sturdy outdoor furniture designers for larger frames.


10. Curved Shower Rod

Imagine if every time you hopped in the shower, you didn't have the room you need to move around and get comfortable. For some big and tall men, that's an everyday occurrence. For a gift any man would love, buy and install a curved shower rod. This will instantly create a little more room in the shower for even the biggest of men.


The next time you're shopping for the big and tall man in your life, skip past the generic presents. Choosing special gifts for big and tall men doesn't have to be tricky if you use these gift guide suggestions.

Published by asif sidiq