Las Vegas is a huge gambling hub and a source of entertainment for players and regular tourists alike. Whether you travel to Sin City for its entertainment, iconic sights or high-stakes games, its glamorous casinos should be on your list. There are plenty of experienced punters and highrollers to be found, but the vast majority of those playing are beginners and recreational gamblers. If you belong to this dominant group, these are the casino games that you should be playing.

Enter the fantastic realm of slot machines

Beginners love slots because they are easy to play, don’t require a gambling bankroll and have the potential of triggering the winnings. Las Vegas casinos have thousands of slots scattered all over the place and there’s always commotion around the area hosting them. You can even play Fruity King mobile slots in the comfort of your Las Vegas casino hotel room. Some of them have classic themes, with colorful fruits and symbols populating the reels. Others are inspired by Hollywood blockbusters, famous books and superheroes and a select few carry jackpots. Amateur players can bet a few cents per spin and spend a lot of time playing while sipping from their drinks and chatting.

Put your skill to the test at poker tables

There’s simply no better place to be if you are a poker player with a genuine passion for live games. Las Vegas casinos have all sorts of poker tables, with Texas hold ‘em and Omaha being the dominant genres. At these tables, you can play against celebrities, regular people and tourists with an immense appetite for gambling. The stakes differ greatly but this is actually a good thing, since you don’t have to play out of bankroll. It goes without saying that beginners should choose poker games that have low buy-ins and slowly move up the ladder, when they feel comfortable.

Be part of the action of craps tables

The game of craps is not necessarily the best choice for beginners, since the rules can seem a bit difficult at the beginning. What makes this game special is that players can bet on the hands of fellow players, so they root for their peers rather than the house. Craps tables are beaming with enthusiasm and energy, so as long as you are willing to learn the rules, you can recharge your batteries here. The stakes are also sensible and the game carries a low house edge, which is always a solid argument in favor of choosing it.

Get the roulette wheel in motion

No Las Vegas gambling adventure would be complete without at least a little time being spent around the roulette tables. Beginners love this game because it is so easy to play and the house edge is acceptable. The only downside is that since you are playing in the United States, the dominant version of the game is American roulette. The 00 slot makes it slightly more difficult for players to emerge victorious, compared to the European version. This is, however, a small price to pay and roulette remains a great game.


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