Back to pilot season!

Season Zero has taken a look at two CW pilots, The End of the World as we Know it, and the Charmed reboot.  The End of the World is the story of two pizza place employees who are recruited to track down alien criminals after a prison spaceship crashes on Earth.  It gets a positive review, with the note that it will come down to a choice between this project and the Roswell reboot for the CW.  I’d probably go with this one, though in today’s climate the reboot seems like the more likely show to get the green light.

Speaking of reboots, Charmed has become a rather controversial pilot, with cast members of the original speaking out against the new version.  A campaign has even been started to stop the show from being made, though the review notes that this may actually help the project, as any publicity is good publicity, right?  As for the show itself, it gets a mostly positive review, though it apparently tries too hard to be fierce and feminist.  It is quite a bit darker than the original, and exists in a completely new universe where those characters never existed, or so it seems in the pilot.   Given that the original creator of Charmed was forced out after a couple seasons, I can’t really buy into any complaint now that the show only belongs to the people involved with the original, and I’m all for a witch show, so I’m hoping to see this go to series. 

NBC’s gender flipped Bad Boys project also gets a good review.  The series comes from the pair of Bad Boys movies that came out in 95 and 03, with a third movie long said to be in the works but never actually happening (yet?).  The lead in the show is actually the sister of one of the main characters from the movies, a character who was introduced in the second film.  Gabrielle Union will be reprising the role in the show, and it was apparently her management team that came up with the idea for the show.  Which seems less than ideal, but the review is quite positive.  It’s not a show that I’m ever going to be particularly excited about, though I might check out an episode if the description piques my interest.

Season Zero also looks at two ABC shows, including Whisky Cavalier, a light-hearted FBI show starring Scott Foley.  It gets a decent review, noting that while the pilot doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it does what it does well, and offers a strong cast, making it a definite contender for pickup.  Then, there is For Love, the story of a woman who gets a phone call from her dead love, and is drawn into a secret world of magic in New Orleans.  This one get a very negative review, suggesting that it was only picked up to see if it would work as a Once Upon a Time successor, but she doesn’t’ think one is really needed, with Once’s best days long behind it.  She might be right, but I would still like to see ABC pick up another fantasy show. 

Also getting a negative review is In Between Lives from NBC, a procedural show with a clairvoyant lead.  It is apparently little more than a rehash of shows like Medium and The Ghost Whisperer, with nothing new to hook an audience.

Published by Andrew Clendening