As I have gone about my life, an issue that seems to constantly stare people in the face is weight. Everywhere I look I am bombarded by photos of skinny models, healthy eating campaigns and clothes that seem to have been designed for the smallest of human beings. Society often declares 'Be yourself, be unique, size doesn't matter' but yet there are so many things that are contradictory to this statement. Clothing lines such as H&M and New Look produce clothes that are unrealistically small and do not correspond to the size they read on the label. This automatically suggests to me, let alone others, that in a subtle way, people who are skinnier are better off. Now don't get me wrong, I love these shops as much as the next person but one can't help but feel they favour the skinnier individual. On the other hand, these stores have a range of 'plus sizes.' But a question that begs an answer is: What constitutes as 'plus size'? It screams to me that this a slightly nicer way of suggesting that you are over weight as you cannot fit in 'ordinary' size clothes. What is society to dictate what is 'ordinary' or 'average'? For as long as I can remember, I have always been referred to as overweight yet put in that horribly harsh word FAT. My own parents have called me that several times and while they're not wrong, to hear it frequently is quite tough to say the least. My issue is the fact that I am quite busty which means that I have to buy tops of a larger size in order to accommodate for that. It really quite bothers me that I have to buy clothes bigger when that's not really a great indication of my size. Recently, I had to buy a dress that was a size 20 just because of my chest. I felt so ashamed, so disgusted by my body which brings me to the point. I, and countless others have been made to feel ashamed by our bodies just because it does not fit with societies image of how we should be. Why should size matter? If you love your body, why should you feel obligated to change it? These societal pressures are what drives, teens in particular, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. So relating back to the title of this article, what defines a person? Well I don't have all the answers but I can certainly say that size does not. For me, how one treats others and their mindsets is what defines a person. Not your job, grades, what clothes you wear or where you come from. Be confident in yourself, that is quality I greatly admire as I myself, struggle with the very issues mentioned in this article. Don't be afraid to be different.

-Author X/Y

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