Republicans honest ‘we don’t give a shit about Gays or Africans’,
Democrats funded by wealthy donors pretending to care about low income folks,

Hell, if anyone has individuals on a leash,
Elephants and donkeys,
Politicians pretending to speak free,

Whether talking presidential or St. Cloud,
All three men running for Senate benefited from White Privilege,

Jerry Ralph and Dan Wolgamott trying to advise the oppressed how to fight back,
Ironic when it was European descent and skin color,
Which benefited them and caused others to struggle,

Liberals speaking out against Black Lives Matters,
Commenting the fight is right but not the method,
Refusing to accept pigs are committing genocide against African American teens shot 9 times in the back,

Conservatives labeling revolutionaries as terrorists,
Minnesota steals in between 6 to 8 hours of salary from checks,

Hell, this two party system is whack,
We need civil servants, not greedy politicians,
Donkey or elephant both are court jesters…

Published by Khalid Zilberg