I must admit, I checked out of last night's debate around 10 PM.  I am just burning out on these marathon "I am better than you" things every other night. I'm not sure how many hours the seven Lincoln-Douglas Debates lasted, but I am pretty sure it was considered inhumane to ask people to stand for two to the three hours every other night from 9-11PM. I'm sitting in front of a television in my living room suffering, imagine what those folks went through?

But thank God for Facebook, because even while I took the high road and went to sleep before losing my mind at another one of Hillary's History lessons, I am updated upon my waking with all the stupid things she has done and said over the last 20 years in Facebook posts and it turns out I didn't miss a moment. Facebook has my back. 

Today's pondering comes on the heels of a comment made by the candidates about Henry Kissinger. I personally am ambivalent about the man, the myth, the legend of Henry Kissinger. But in the scope of this debate that was aimed to put Bernie on the Foreign affairs map and Hillary's aim was to seem less wide-eyed crazy lady this time, they both had their work cut out for them and Bernie's first shot landed him in post-WWII Iran discussing the America and British takeover of a democratically elected Government. That must have seemed a little dry for the Bernie Millenials who in a latest Facebook post about how screwed up we are as a country proved that Millenials don't even know who fought in the Civil War let alone who won. In all truth, many disagree with who won around my dining room table so I don't blame them for that, but please, at least know who was fighting. 


A lecture from Bernie about history is about as interesting as a Ben-Carson Reading of War and Peace aloud to Senior Citizens at 4 in the Morning. And I can only imagine how many cell phones started checking their Tinder prospects when Bernie started talking about the Secretary of State from the Vietnam era. I love history Bernie, but selling your foreign affairs street cred with a who's who in Post WWII, was that really the best way to go? 

Damn it, he's right though. Boring, but right. We have been living down a hangover from WWII for the last 60 years. Every call that was made, every policy set forth, and every slip ever deeper into the abyss, is all attributable to WWII and the recovery thereafter. 

Just yesterday, a 94-year-old German was sentenced to life in prison for his involvement with the Nazis. Israel and Palestine are fighting a battle that was directly caused by the way the world spun out of the Second War to End all Wars. And make no mistake, Vietnam was a direct result of the blind fear of communism that built our economy after WWII, but caused millions of deaths and sorrows for 50 years to come. While the hostilities of WWII may have ended, the hangover of that war is still ever present. 

So when Bernie reaches back to talk about the times he lived and his view of History, I think he has not just an adequate handle on modern foreign affairs,  I think he has an excellent understanding of why things are the way they are, because he is a student of past foreign affairs. (For you millennials, another word for past Foreign Affairs is History.)

That's a big problem for Democrats- they have no memory. History doesn't work for them. Because when Bernie was marching on Washinton and Baby Bush was dodging the Draft  and Hillary was dreaming about marrying Bill, in those days Democrats were Republicans and the liberals of today once were heralded as the conservatives left over from the other War of the ages, the Civil war. (That's why you need to know who was fighting in that one)

Bernie is not a true Democrat, because when Bernie was born, being a Democrat meant believing in segregation, practicing Jim Crow and cheering when Police beat down the black youth. Republicans now love those things and the Democratic History Revisionists would have you believe that Bernie wasn't at the Civil Rights Movement and the Democrats were. Ah, how the world turns. 

Hillary started out as a Democrat in the conservative south, in the wake of Jim Crow. That meant she was no more a liberal in her formative days than was David Duke today. But when the example of what the Northern Liberals were doing in Chicago hit her, she changed her tune real quick and caught up with the end of the 60's just in time to wear bell bottoms in the 1970s. 

During the 70's people changed their tune in a big way and the world got topsy turvy. Republican was now Democrat, Women were becoming Men and there was this new half black, half white minority called Latinos we had to deal with. Everyone was in a panic about what was happening and people like Hillary and Bill saw the writing on the wall. Get Liberal or go home. And so Hillary and Bill were the original bandwagoners onto the new Liberal Stage of the 1970s. 

But Bernie witnessed all of this change as an adult. By that time, he was a grown up and knew he could not be a Republican in New England given that he marched for civil rights in Chicago, and he couldn't pick the side of the Southern Democrats who were still burning crosses even as late as the Mid 1980's. His only choice was Socialism as unpopular as that was. But it worked in Vermont and he did well. 

So now fast forward to 2016. Bernie is still a Socialist but he's given it a Democratic/Liberal twist because he lived through the transition of the parties and now has faith, not that he is ready for the party, but the party is now ready for him. Hillary condemns him because he is new to the Democrats and he not has played a part in crapping up the Middle East the way she and the Democrats have. Well, he also wasn't part of the Jim Crow Democrats in 1965, when you were. So there.

 And everyone says, he is not as good on Foreign affairs as Hillary because she was there, asleep in the wheel-house when the World Trade Center fell and the New World Economy took root. He was there fighting against the forces that caused this world we now live in to teeter on the edge. And was railing against the rigging  of the political system when it was getting all rigged up by the Clintons in the first place. 

So please don't tell me he doesn't know about world affairs having lived the life he has lived. He is one of the ones who played a part in writing this story of History, just the way Hillary did. But Bernie was the one who was fighting against Hillary when she wrote her role on the world stage and pulled all the levers and played all the games.  






Published by Christopher Richard