So I'm on this journey to finding balance in a healthy lifestyle. I'm cutting out sugar and gluten, and cutting way down on my animal products. So what do I eat? Let's recap over the last few days shall we...

2 fried eggs for breakfast lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, alternatively I will drink a large fruit smoothie with spirulina powder (im talking huge, like 5 cups of smoothie!) 

A few hours later it'll be snack time. I usually have some fruit, an apple and grapes for example, or maybe some banana or kiwi, whatever I have in my house that's ripe. 

A couple hours later and it's lunch time! The past couple days I've been eating green soup, it's so tastey and healthy. But it depends on what I've prepped that week to eat. I also always make sure to bring lots of carrot sticks and a bell pepper to eat as well. 

I don't always have a snack after lunch, but sometimes I need a little something. I keep raw vegan brownie bites in my freezer for when I need something sweet! They are quick to make and have a great chocolatey flavour. 

Almost dinner time now! I tend to eat my lunch very late, and have a decent sized portion, so by the time dinner rolls around I just need something light. The other night actually just had a little bowl of rice and a piece of fruit... the night before that was homemade granola... I don't think I'm eating very good dinners. I think it's time I spice up my meal prep to make sure I actually have 3 meals a day! The more I write the more I learn about myself! 

So that's it! I'm keeping it clean, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day, I find it really helps me feel full and stops me from craving those unhealthy snack foods. 

Let me know if you're ever interested in recipes or more "what I eat in a day" blogs! 

Published by Hannah Smith