Deuteronomy 17

God foresaw that the king the Israelites would choose would lose sight of Him because most of their wants were derived out of selfishness. That is why God gave the king who would lead them some parameters to keep his focus heavenward not here on earth. As then, so in the time of Jesus, and so now,  people were and are looking to be fed manna rather than the Bread of Life come down from heaven.  In fact, while Jesus served here on earth he often asked, “What do you want me to do for you?”

No one responded I want to be more like you.

No one responded like the psalmist in chapter 23  “The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.”

No one responded I am more blessed to give than receive.

It is not wrong to ask God for things because He is our heavenly Father who wants to give and give and give to His children. He tells us to ask for His provision in our life as well as other things. What IS wrong is to ask with wrong motives, so that we may spend it on our selfish pleasures.[James 4]

Are you prepared to ask God what He wants for you and not what you want? Is your heart right before God as you enter your closet to pray?

Published by Gaye Austin