After celebrating my birthday over the last weekend, I was tempted to address this thought, since then. As the youngest member of the family, childhood brought lot of happiness and fun on this big day. By regarding it as the greatest day of my life, I celebrated its arrival all through the month. While I was lucky to be born on the last day of the month, I was able to welcome the occasion in an exciting way. From reminding all the members of the house about this important event to making plans with friends for 30 long days, from dreaming about the perfect birthday celebration to enjoying its slow arrival every passing day, birthdays were all about fun, enjoyment, excitement and pleasure.

     Celebration in school and birthday party at home added to the happiness of this special day, as it reminded me about the undivided fame and attention for a complete duration of 24 hours. Be it demands for an interesting gift or purchasing chocolates for friends, I enjoyed every single task. Though as a child, I may not have understood the significance of this day; pouring wishes from loved ones and gorging on cake and unlimited chocolates was all that mattered. Increasing digit of the birthday cake candle and talks about being one year older were some of the interesting happenings of the day, as I waited for these things all year round. It resembled an achievement in itself, as I enjoyed the greatness of rising age!

     Each of these wonderful childhood moments have now transformed into memories, as I look back at the excitement of my birthday. Though birthdays translate into fun, happiness and joy even today, they are definitely different from the innocence of childhood. It no longer means excitement of the birthday candle or joy of selecting the birthday cake design, because it has changed to responsibilities of increasing age and duties of maturity. While birthdays do remind us about our network of loved ones and bond of family and friends, it does not resemble the carelessness of yesteryears.

    With increasing age, as birthdays prompt us about moving one step higher, they take us towards mountains of tasks. Though I may not be excited about the increase in digit now, I still look forward to the joy of celebrating life. Birthday is an excellent opportunity to relax, retrospect, halt and enjoy. While moving along the fast pace of life, it is important to spend a quiet moment with ourselves, and birthday certainly offers one of those opportunities.

    Though our personality, body, face and behavior remains the same, life changes a lot more than expected. As changing situations and circumstances cast their influence, we realize their impact over our life.

   While pondering about the magic of birthdays now and back then, I shall attempt to answer the question of the title: What does ‘birthday’ mean to me?


1. Improvement activator pill: Birthday prompts me to reflect over the past year, while making improved plans for the future. By asking me to retrospect, birthdays are able to sow seeds of improvement. They activate the process of desirable changes and useful modifications as life is about betterment, every single day.


2. Gratitude expression day: Birthday works as a gratitude expression day, as I look forward to thank my creator, parents, family and loved ones for all their support throughout the year. While they shower me with their sincere wishes and honest prayers, I feel thankful for being surrounded by all this glitter.


3. Pat and thumbs up moment: Birthday is a perfect moment to pat on the back for the past year, while giving a thumbs up for the next one. It motivates me to celebrate the success so far, but also reminds me about the challenges ahead.


4. Fresh year, fresh perspective: Birthday acts as an inspiration to look at life in a different light with an energized look. By offering a new year in life, it can act as a new milestone to look forward to. Birthday is an excellent opportunity to leave some of our weaknesses and faults, while learning something better.


5. A day to pamper, a day to spoil: Birthday is the only golden opportunity to demand attention, love, gifts and care without any equivalent return deal. How else can a husband plan something special for his wife or kids can make something interesting for their parents? As the only valid and appropriate chance to get what one wants, birthday is a good day to pamper and spoil oneself.


Though the celebration, outlook, feeling and experience may have changed drastically since childhood, the joy continues to linger.

   I enjoy reminding my loved ones from the start of the month, just like good, old times; after all maturity level is different but date still remains the same! 

Published by Lavanya